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Privacy Policy for NewsXfeed

NewsXfeed web platform ensures to protect your privacy. The Privacy Policy of any organization explained the way the organization is using your data and how they collect it. By using the services of NewsXfeed, it implies that you have understood the privacy policy of NewsXfeed and agree to the terms of the company.

Definitions and key terms

The terms used in the privacy policy are explained downward to make it understandable to NewsXfeed users.

  • Cookie: Cookie is the essential data of the website that your browser keeps in your computer to make the user experience better, the data may include the login details, your language preference, etc.
  • Customer: customers are clients of NewsXfeed that sign up to the website and avail of several services of NewsXfeed.
  • Device: It is your laptop or phone or tablet or computer system you are using to run the website.
  • IP Address: It is a unique number assigned to advice when it is connected to the internet, it signifies the geographic location of the device in which you are operating.
  • Personal Data: The data associated with one person refers to the personal data of that person.
  • Service: It is the facility that NewsXfeed is providing to its customers.
  • Third-Party Service: Third Party includes other companies that are on NewsXfeed like advertisers, and marketers, that offer their services on NewsXfeed.
  • You: You means a user who is using the service of NewsXfeed.

What Information Do We Collect?

NewsXfeed needs the email id of its user and the name of the person. We need this information to make you updated on the latest updates and will send the updates through email id.

When does NewsXfeed use user data from third parties?

NewsXfeed can access the information the user has made public on other platforms/third parties. The information may include the social media info you have made public. NewsXfeed can access the public information that you made voluntarily available to anyone. You can govern how many details you want to convey.

When does NewsXfeed use user data from third parties?

NewsXfeed collect information from a third party when some new user associate with us. And we can collect third-party information that you had made public occasionally. You have full authority over the details of your third-party accounts.

Does NewsXfeed share the data company gathers with third parties?

We have your information from the third party that you voluntarily give us and we may share that information with our advertisers, marketing partners, and other business associate to may benefit you.

Sometimes we have to share personal information with a third party to perform the basic service of  NewsXfeed like database management, email storage, log files including IP Addresses, and the type of device you are using. These third parties will do auditing for us and send us a report that we needed to share further with our advertisers, and other partners.

NewsXfeed also shares user’s personal information with the Law Officer sometimes, in case of legal involvement to main the rules of the Legal Courts.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

NewsXfeed needs your privacy information to make your experience with our platform better. Your association with NewsXfeed decides the time period we save your information in our database. When NewsXfeed or a third party associated with us does not require your information, we delete it from our database.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

NewsXfeed implements a variety of security techniques to secure your personal information like Secure Socket Layer, secure payment gateways, secure server, etc. Your personal information is confidential with us. But when you access third-party Detailss on our website and use their service, you then comply with their services.

Could my data be communicated to other countries?

NewsXfeed uses servers and is accosted by their parties. That third party or servers may work from other countries and may be anywhere in the globe. In case, you are using the NewsXfeed service you voluntarily agree with the trans-border transfer of the information.

Can I update or correct my information?

NewsXfeed has several measures that its user to have a satisfied user experience with the services NewsXfeed is offering. You can update or correct the following type of information.

  • The personally identifiable information of the user
  • You can change your preferences about communications
  • You can ask us to delete the personally identifiable information by deleting the account

NewsXfeed will delete, update or add new information as per your request. In case of deletion of any information, we can erase all the accessible personal information from our database, but we can not guarantee that all information will be deleted as some information is kept by a third party. The user must contact us in any case of updation or deletion.


NewsXfeed may share the personal information of the user with its Corporate Affiliates. And the NewsXfeed ensures that our associated Corporate Affiliates follow the privacy policy of NewsXfeed.

Governing Law

NewsXfeed follows the laws of the Indian Judiciary system. In case of any conflict, you comply with the Indian Law system. If you are not comfortable with any of our rules or privacy policy if you can remove your account. By using the NewsXfeed services, you agree or give your consent to us about how we are using your personal information.

By using the services provided by the NewsXfeed or creating an account with us, you ensure to understand NewsXfeed’s privacy policy and agree with NewsXfeed terms.


Cookies are the small information that is saved on the user’s computer, it is the repeated information that is needed by NewsXfeed for providing a smooth user experience like login details, your preference while using the NewsXfeed, etc. If you save cookies, you can log in fast and receive a smooth flow from NewsXfeed otherwise you can not be able to access some of the functionality of NewsXfeed.

Updates To Our Privacy Policy

NewsXfeed company may update its privacy policy in the future. By using the services of NewsXfeed, you agree to the privacy policy of the NewsXfeed. NewsXfeed will inform you concerning any change to the privacy policy, if you settle with the updated privacy policy you can resume NewsXfeed services otherwise you can remove your account.

Detailss to Other Websites

NewsXfeed may show Detailss to other websites or platforms. You agree to the NewsXfeed privacy policy, not to the third-party Detailss. If you are proceeding to utilize the services of other Detailss/third parties, you have to study their privacy policy. We ensure your privacy of information but we can not guarantee other Detailss on our website.

Blocking/Disabling cookies

If in the future you disable our cookies, you have to delete cookies from your browsers. As Cookies are saved in your browser, by blocking the NewsXfeed cookies, you might not be able to use some of the services of NewsXfeed and in that case, you have to visit the settings of your browser and delete manually cookies from your browser.

Kids’ Privacy

NewsXfeed might have users who are under the age of 13 years, for storing the information of kids under age 13, we need parents’ consent. If you are a parent and notice that your kid is using our services without your consent, you can notify us, we will delete your kid’s information from NewsXfeed servers.

Contact Us

The users of NewsXfeed can reach our crew at the email id.