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Black Lives Matter Fornite Event: Epic Games has postponed the end of the season and the live event that they were going to do because they want to continue the Black Lives Matter Event which is a protest against racism and police brutality.

Season 3 of the game will also begin late and the earlier date that was announced is also postponed. The event, The Device will take place on June 15th with the season three start date that is pushed to June 17.

Fortnite Black Lives Matter

Here, we would like to mention that the Epic games has not mentioned anything precisely about the “latest activities”. But one thing is clear that they must be talking about the homicide of George Floyd. Also, a black man is killed with the aid of police officers.

The protest is increasing gradually in the whole USA. The police officer who killed the man has been charged with second-degree murder and the three police officers who were standing by and watched everything apparently are charged with helping and abetting murder. 

According to the sources, the event name will be titled “We the People”. This will surely appear and come in the Party Royal Mode. The party royal will hold the debut concert in May.

black lives matter fortnite


Black Lives Matter Event Details

This Saturday the Epic game is going to host a discussion about racism in USA in the online game, Fortnite. This discussion is going to take place in America with the marketing Firm Opus United (in partnership).

The occasion will be hosted and some guests will be invited. The host will be through the author and commentator Van Jones and the guest will be Elaine Welterot, Jemele Hill, Killer Mike.  Not just this but the event will be broadcasted in the sport on 4 July.

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