Fortnite O2 Event Details and Updates

Fortnite O2 Event Details and Updates: Fortnite’s partnership with the British rock group Easy Life has made its official premiere. As part of the event, players will be forced to visit and experience the interior of the O2 Arena.

The O2 event offers players a one-of-a-kind experience in the game’s creative mode, complete with rewards and challenges. Music concerts and other Fortnite events, as well as other comparable activities, allow players to relax and interact with the game in a more natural manner.

Fortnite O2 Event Details

It’s a nice break from the main game and a great method to bring together fans of many musical genres in one location. To begin. Go to the main menu and choose the Creative option.

Fortnite O2 Event Details and Updates

Then the Discover option on the far left of the screen. This will ask the players to input a map code. Which will take them directly to the O2 Live performance, which will take place from June 24th through June 27th.

The musical event’s map code is 2500-3882-9781

Inside, players will see a massive white dome with golden supports protruding from it. As well as a statue of a friendly-looking robot that will lead them through the entryway. As you pass through the round white and blue entrance with the words “The O2” inscribed on the doorway, it’s almost as if you’re entering a bubble.

Before reaching the main section, players must first make their way through a colourful light-up floor and futuristic-looking environment. In the centre of the map, players will come across a fountain that will guide them on where to go next.

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To the right, there is a banner with an image of a happy drink waving a peace sign that leads players to the free Fornite spray. After pressing the button on the floor that says: Squeezy Life, players will find the Squeezy Life spray on the left side of the O2 Blueroom. – “Please don’t shove me ;)”

Other Details on Fortnite O2 Event

As a consequence, players are sent to a chamber with a unique code that can be redeemed for the spray at The Squeezy Life Fortnite spray unlock code is 8Z35X-3ZWAB-BC57H-EQTQZ. Which can be found on the bottle. To access the unique soundtrack, go to the main stage and see Easy Life play.

Players that stick around for an extended length of time may get significant experience in Fortnite’s creative mode. Other hidden treasures may be discovered around the O2 creative map, so take your time and explore around. After exiting the O2 Blueroom, the Backstage area can be seen near the exit door.

Fortnite O2 Event Details and Updates

This region will be difficult for players to navigate. Fortnite gamers with a sharp eye who want to explore the area behind Easy Life’s stage. It will discover themselves in the middle of an obstacle course.

Then, towards the end of the O2 Blueroom and Backstage section. Players may discover a hidden launch pad on the right side of the statue. This transports players to a location where they may “Crowd Surf”. On a hoverboard while avoiding dangers on floating terrain, a previously inaccessible function.

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