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How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Go: Pokémon GO gamers all around the globe have been striving hard to reach the current level limit of 40 for the last four and a half years. Over the years, many have arrived to this stage, but many have not.

With the level limit scheduled to increase to 50 later this year, trainers will certainly be interested in increasing their XP to achieve this high level 40 target. And because there is incentive to achieve it before the end of the year, you will want to do it quickly. To assist, in Pokémon GO you may level up quickly and achieve level 40.

How to get up quickly

Now is the right moment to quickly level up in the game, since a new event will start on 18 November at 1 pm PT. Which provides additional XP (up to double) for almost everything you perform. XP gains from playing Pokémon GO in a wide variety of methods, but some are much superior.

How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Go

Pokémon catches and grows, hatches and earning new Pokédex entries are all strengthened beginning later today and throughout the year, thus it is a great benefit just to play more during this period.

Fixing Pokémon over the past several months will be a fantastic method to get a lot of XP quick casually, particularly since it is expected to give double the normal amount. If you have a Pokémon GO Plus or Poké Ball Plus gadget, try to keep it linked as much as possible (and use a Lucky Egg if you have extra).

You will also spin Poké Stops, which gets a little XP. Every little amount helps when you strive to get such a high level of 40. If you are able to safely visit highway places. Particularly those you were not to, to receive a bonus from Poké Stop, you may experience a lot quickly.

In addition to benefits, loads of XP may be earned quickly. The most famous technique is the evolution of mass.

This is where you save on low-priced changes to capture Pokémon or its later gene counterparts, such as Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie and Weedle. Just save up enough to make sure you have around 30 minutes. Utilise a happy egg and hurry as much as possible. When you enter “Evolve” into your Pokémon screen search box. You will see anyone that can evolve, reducing the time it takes to sort them all.

How to Reach Level 40

A lot of extra XPs are necessary for each new stage in Pokémon GO. It is not a linear development, so it may sound like you are close to level 39, but you still have a long way to go. In all, in order to achieve level 40 you need 20 million XP. The final stage is to get 5 million experience from level 39, a level that only needed 3 million XP to reach 15 million. So a quarter of the XP you must earn in the game is of 39-40.

How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Go

The XP increases towards the end of this year will assist you to feel less like a steep climb and steady progress. But depending on where you are at the moment, you still have your job cut out. These are the final five levels and the amount of XP you need.

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