How to Make a Car in Minecraft

This tutorial will show you how to make a Car in Minecraft. You can’t modify the direction of the automobile, but you can make it drive ahead on its own. This is feasible in all Minecraft editions.

Many Minecraft players desire to be able to drive a vehicle without having to build a huge Redstone contraption. Fortunately, there is a simple and quick approach that will have them driving a car in no time. Honey, Observers, and Sticky Pistons are the only blocks required for this build. This Redstone vehicle may be built in both Creative and Survival mode due to its low construction costs.

How to Create a Driveable Car in Minecraft

how to make a car in minecraft
how to make a car in minecraft

Because of the help of Honey and Observer blocks, making a functional vehicle in Minecraft has never been easier. Honey blocks link to each other as well as other blocks, when a connected block is pressed, a piston pushes all of them.

How to make Driveable Car in Minecraft Step by Step Guide

  1. In Minecraft’s Creative mode, start a new game. While it is technically possible to build a car in Survival mode in Minecraft, doing so is extremely difficult owing to the scarcity of most of the minerals required. You can make an automobile in creative mode without running out of resources.
  2. Navigate to the Creative menu. To do so, follow these steps:
    Press the E key on your computer.
    Tap if you want to play the Pocket Edition.
    Press the X (Xbox) or square (PlayStation) button to start the game.
  3. Put the supplies for the car’s construction in your inventory. Add the following things to your equipment bar from your creative inventory: Blocks of slime, Piston, clumsy piston, Block of Redstone.
  4. The Minecraft vehicle template will continue to go forward until it collides with anything, after which it will stop working. If there isn’t at least one block of air beneath the automobile at all times, it won’t move.
  5. Make two slime rows that are three blocks long and parallel.
  6. Between the rows of slime at the center blocks, place a total of two slime blocks. A capital letter I form should now appear, which will function as the car’s staging area.
  7. On top of the staging area, place a layer of slime blocks, then remove the eight slime blocks that served as the staging area. As a result, you’ll have an I-frame suspended in mid-air.
  8. Install a piston behind one of the car’s ends. The piston must be pointing backward toward the rear-center block. The simplest method is to remove the rear-center slime block while facing away from the car, place a couple of blocks on the ground to act as scaffolding, place the piston, then remove the scaffolding and replace the slime block you removed.
  9. Remove both center blocks and insert two adhesive pistons in front of the vehicle. It’s possible that you’ll have to remove the slime block behind you and restore it once the second sticky piston is in position.
  10. The sticky piston closest to the front of the automobile must be replaced with a normal piston facing the front of the car.
  11. Replace the front sticky piston with a piston that faces forward. From front to back, you will have the following design.
  12. Set the first Redstone block in place. This goes on the slime block in the front-middle.
  13. One block goes on top of the sticky piston, while the other goes on top of the rear-middle slime block.
  14. “Sit” in your vehicle. Look for a non-Redstone place on the vehicle to sit in.
  15. The vehicle will begin to move ahead. You may stop it by placing a Redstone block on top of the sticky piston or any block in front of the vehicle.

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