How to Make a Name Tag in Minecraft

How to Make a Name Tag in Minecraft: Mobs and pets may be given names in Minecraft, which prevents them from despawning. Players can also give their pets a unique name by attaching name tags to them. Player-tamed animals may be given a name of their own via name tags, as opposed to the name given to them by the original mob.

What are Name Tags in Minecraft?

Name tags may be found quite readily around the Minecraft world by players. Unless they apply the luck of the sea enchantment, players may fish for name tags, but it is unlikely that they will find one unless they use it. Unfortunately, in Minecraft, name tags are not possible to create. Players will not be able to collect the ingredients necessary to construct this item; instead, it may only be received as a reward for completing a quest.

First, players will need to use an anvil to assign a name to the mob before they can use the name tag to identify the mob. It is necessary for players to place the name tag in the left box of the anvil, enter the desired name in the name bar at the top of the anvil, and then the completed product will be shown on the right.

How to Make a Name Tag in Minecraft

It will cost one enchantment for players to give a tag a name. Enchantment levels may be gained through killing monsters in the Minecraft environment, or by simply mining for resources. In this post, players will discover how to quickly and simply get name tags in the game Minecraft!


Fishing is one of the most popular methods for players to discover name tags in the Minecraft game world. To fish, players will need a fishing rod and a body of water to cast their line into. Rods are constructed with a single stick and a single string.

In order to get a name tag via fishing, players will most likely need to use the luck of the sea enchantment. Name tags are one of the most difficult to come by fishing goods, and it’s doubtful that players will be able to get one without the enchantment.


Name tags may be found inside boxes in Mineshafts, which players can use to identify themselves. These buildings, on the other hand, are very difficult to come across. Mineshafts are often found near the confluence of a ravine in the game world.

In most mineshafts, players have a 30-40 percent chance of discovering a name tag if they look hard enough. In mine shafts, there are typically at least three chests, one of which will be sitting inside of a minecart, and the other two will be on the ground.

Woodland Mansions

Name tags may also be found in Woodland Mansions, which is another Minecraft building where players can discover them. Woodlands Mansions are very uncommon. They can only be found in the Roofed Forest Biome where they may be found.

Players may use an explorer map to locate the closest forest mansion. Although it is not assured that the map will always be correct in its results.


For 20-22 emeralds, players may purchase name tags from librarian villagers throughout the game. If the players are fortunate, they may also discover name tags inside the villagers’ chest. In communities, it is not uncommon for name tags to be seen in certain huts.

Finding a name tag in a village chest is very uncommon, although it is not impossible to come across one.

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