How To Make Blaze Powder In Minecraft (Complete Guide)

If you want to make blaze powder in Minecraft then you are in the right place.

Blaze powder is an important brewing item in the Minecraft inventory and the crafting process that will give you Blaze powder at the end of the process.

This guide will let you know the exact steps and procedures that you need to follow in order to use the Blaze powder in Minecraft.

Require Material

The only item you require to make blaze powder is the blaze rod. 

You can find the blaze rod in the Nether of survival mode. The blaze is a type of mob that you need to attack in order to get the blaze rod after killing it. You should be careful and focused so that you pick up the Blaze rod before it disappears.

How To Make Blaze Powder In Minecraft?

You need to follow the steps given below.

#1. Open Crafting Table

You should open the craft table from the crafting menu in Minecraft, which looks like the one shown in the image.

#2. Place the Blaze Rod to Craft Blaze Powder.

In the crafting table, you should see a 3 by 3 grid table. Place the blaze rod in the right position on the grid table to get the blaze powder.

When making the blaze powder you can place the blaze rod in any of the cells in the crafting table. Here we have placed the blaze rod in the center cell of the table.

How To Make Blaze Powder In Minecraft

After placing the items in the correct arrangement you should see two blaze powders in the cell to the right.

#3. Move the blaze powder to the inventory

In order to use the blaze powder in Minecraft, you should move it to your ready-to-use items that are in your inventory.

Congratulations! you have successfully made replace powder in Minecraft.

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