How To Make Pink Wool In Minecraft – Complete Guide 2021

You must have seen pink beds, a pink carpet, and pink banners in Minecraft, but do you know how these are made?

These are made from pink wool which can be easily crafted in Minecraft. This is why in this guide we will tell you how to make pink wool in Minecraft.

The items required to make pink wool in Minecraft are pink dye and white wool.

Items Needed To Make Pink Wool 

These are the following items that you require to make Pink Wool in Minecraft.

Pink Tulip or Peony

The first thing that you will require is a pink dye. You can get the pink dye from the Pink Tulip or Peony.

You can find the pink tulip in the flower forest biomes or plains biomes. The best thing is that one pink dye is enough to make pink wool in Minecraft.

You can now craft a pink dye using the Pink tulip.

Sheep Wool

The next thing that you will need is the wool of the sheep. You can get it from the sheep. So your primary task is to find a sheep in your world, all you need to do is to use shears and not kill them. 

Although one wool is enough to get the pink wool, we will suggest you get some more to make different colors of wool in Minecraft.

How To Make Pink Wool in Minecraft?

In Minecraft to make pink wool, you need to open the crafting menu and get a 3 by 3 crafting table. Now you should be adding the pink dye and white wool of the sheep in a particular arrangement. This is all you need to do to get pink Wool in Minecraft.

#1. Open Crafting Menu

The first thing is to open the crafting menu and get 3 by 3 crafting grid. This is where you need to add the items that you just collected.

#2. Add Pink Dye and Wool

The main reason how to craft a pink dye is to color the white wool to get the pink wool.

Now, you need to add the pink dye just after the white wool in the next column but in the same row.

This will help you to get the pink wool in the box which is on the right side of the crafting table.

#3. Move Pink Wool to Inventory

Now, when you have got your pink dye you should move it to the inventory so that you can use it whenever you want and create your world beautifully with a pink bed, pink banners, and pink carpets.

pink wool in minecraft

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