How To Make Quicksand In Minecraft – 7 Steps Guide

Quicksand is a good trap for the enemies like mobs and keeps them away from your village in Minecraft. You can kill them instantly when they fall inside the quicksand. But do you know how to make quicksand in Minecraft?

If not, then here is the guide for you. This is a seven steps guide that will make you understand how you can create quicksand traps for enemies.

So, let’s get started.

How To Make Quicksand In Minecraft?

You should follow the steps given below to make quicksand in Minecraft.

#1. Dig a hole

The first thing you need to do is dig a hole. The deeper you dig the more chance are there that a character will fall into it. You should at least dig a hole of dimensions 2x2x4. This is done because it will help to pick a sandy spot which will help you quicksand to blend in the surroundings.


#2. Add the Grass Block

Add one layer of the Glass Block in the hole, so that you can grow Rose Bush Block which can only grow on the grass block.

#3. Add Rose Block

Now, you should add the rose Block above the grass block, you can also use another flower-like peony, sunflower, or lilac which has comparable size to the rose Block. The main motive here is to grow some flower-like thing on the grass block.

You can not add the sand block above the empty layer because it will collapse and this is why the grass block and the rose block helps you to build the quicksand trap as the space holder

rose block minecraft

#4. Add the Sand Block

Next, you need to add the sand block above the rose block, this will help you to create a layer of sand where the character or enemy can fall into.

sand block Minecraft

#5. Add the String Block

You should add the string block above the sand Block which will work as a support for the and block when all the below blocks will be removed. The character will walk through the string one the sand, the string will break and the character will fall into the sand.

#6. Dig a Tunnel Down

You should now dig a tunnel down and towards the trap and then break the rose blocks because they were just for the support of the sand block so that the sand does not fall in.

Also, you should now remove the grass block for the same reason. You can add a web block in the dig so that you get a slow-motion falling scene when the characters fall inside it.

#7. Add One More Layer and Place Lava

The last thing you need to do is to add one more layer and place lava in it. It will kill your enemies which is a plus point for you. And if you do not put any lava then the enemies wi stay inside the trap until they dig them out.

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