How To Make Smooth Quartz In Minecraft – 5 Steps Guide

You can make different types of building blocks in Minecraft and smooth quartz blocks are one of them. This building block is not made with a crafting table but rather with a furnace.

This is why we have this guide which will let you know how to make smooth quartz in Minecraft.

How To Make Smooth Quartz In Minecraft?

Smooth Quartz block can be obtained by smelting the normal block of the quartz in Minecraft. You will require the furnace to do it.  This smooth quartz is also used to make smooth slabs.

The only thing you need to make smooth quartz is a quartz block.

#1. Get the Quartz 

The first thing you need to have is the quartz and to get it you need to go into the nether and collect at least eight quartz to make 2 quartz blocks.

#2. Make the Quartz Block

You can use the quartz to make the quartz block by placing the quartz in the four adjacent cells of the 3 by 3 crafting table. This will let you craft two quartz blocks which you can see in the right block where your final product is crafted. 

Next, move the quartz block in the inventory so that you can use it to make smooth quartz in Minecraft.

#3. Open the Furnace.

Now you should open the furnace so you can see a furnace menu which looks like this.

How To craft Smooth Quartz In Minecraft

#4. Add fuel to the Furnace.

Next, add the fuel to the furnace, this will help to operate the furnace and smelt the quartz, also it will help in turning the quartz into smooth quartz. You should add the fuel to the bottom cell.


#5. Place the Items To Make Smooth Quartz.

After placing the fuel in the furnace you should place the quartz block in the upper cell. Now you should see flames between both the cells which is an indication that the fuel is helping to smelt the quartz. Now you should see smooth quartz in the box to the right.

This means you have successfully created the smooth quartz which is ready to use. All you need to do is to move it to your inventory. 

How To Make Smooth Quartz In Minecraft


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