How To Make White Dye In Minecraft – Easy Guide

To make your Minecraft world colorful it is necessary to have different colors of dye. Although most of the color dyes are easy to make by just placing the flower and other material in the crafting table, the white dye can be a tricker one 

And this is why we are going to tell you how to make white dye in Minecraft and how to make white dye in Minecraft. So, to make a white dye in Minecraft you will need the lily of the valley and the bonemeal.

How to get The Bonemeal in Minecraft?

Because bonemeal is an important element in crafting the white dye, it is important to know how you can get it.

So, the bonemeal can be made by crafting with a bone, dropped by your skeleton enemies. On being eliminated a skeleton drops zero to 2 bones. The best part here is that one bone can make three bone meals. If you are not able to find it then do not worry you should get them from spawners or nether fortresses.

We will advise you to ruin the skeleton often enough because in standard play you will have plenty of the bones to use. Also, the horses strays and the wither skeleton drops the bones as the standard skeleton and the rate of the bones drop can be increased by enhancing your sword with any level of the looting. 

You can also find the bones in the chest in both the java and the bedrock editions. 

Lily Of the Forest

The next thing that you will require is the lily of the valley. So first you need to find the lily of the valley in the game. This valley is commonly found in the biomes. Biomes include places such as forest hills, flower forests,s, and the birch forest.  

You need to left-click and hold the lily to break it and then you should store it in your inventory.

How To Make White Dye In Minecraft?

In order to make a white dye, you need to open your crafting table which has a grid of 3 by 3. Then place the bone in the center of the grid. This will help you to craft a bone meal which should now be placed again on the crafting table which will help in crafting the white dye.

Steps to Create the White Dye in Minecraft:

#1. Open the Crafting table- It is pretty oblivious that you will require to open the crafting table in order to craft the white dye, the crafting table should be of 3×3 grid and also you need all the elements that are mentioned above.

#2. Add Bonemeal and the Lily of the Valley- You need to place the bone meal or the lily in the first row and the first column as shown in the image below. Otherwise, ethos can result in the crafting of some other product.

how to make white dye in minecraft

#3. Place the White Dye in Inventory- In the second step you have successfully created the white dye and now you need to place it in your inventory and start coloring the world.

how to craft white dye in minecraft

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