Minecraft Story Mode Download

Minecraft Story Mode Download: Minecraft: Story Mode, developed by Mojang, is widely regarded as one of the most significant gaming releases of all time. It completely transformed the gaming industry. With it came a whole new wave of creative, do-it-yourself gaming. Which has led to some truly incredible titles being released over the course of the years.

When compared to the build-a-then that is original Minecraft. The serial point-and-click release from Telltale Games, Minecraft: Story Mode, has also more in common with classics like Monkey Island and even current releases like The Walking Dead video games.

Minecraft Story Mode Features

Minecraft: Story Mode was developed by Telltale Games prior. In it, the player created a character named Jesse who traveled with his friends to pursue the well-trodden route of becoming heroes in order to rescue the world from the Wither Storm. A natural disaster struck the globe in 2012. The remainder of the tale is usually centered on an adventure. Treasure hunting, and encountering new adversaries – and allies – as the plot develops.

It plays out in the manner that you would expect: you go from place to region. Searching the environment for clues and objects, and then dealing with action sequences and encounters with the many other people you may encounter. Since its debut in 2015, it has stood out as a novel use of the Minecraft IP to provide something more than a simple DIY builder.

What’s New on Minecraft Story Mode

The concept, like with most Telltale Games’ story-based games, begins with a new and intriguing premise. Things started to slow down towards the conclusion of the first season. Releases and well into the second season, though. Users can immediately identify the storyline that is developing in front of them, and there was nothing even close to the same level of originality or invention in the writing, set pieces, or events that would take place in the future.

Minecraft Story Mode Download

The majority of the writing devolves into paint-by-numbers. “HumoR”. And the show loses much of the charm and originality that made the first few episodes such enjoyable to watch. Indeed, the ratings for the first season often dipped from high to low. It lacked the durability of some of Telltale’s previous games. Such as Tales From The Borderlands, despite the fact that the concepts were frequently very original and the final few episodes. Were actually some of the most well-loved episodes.

Minimum Specs of Minecraft

AMD Adreno 300 series, Mali-T600 series, PowerVR SGX544, or Tegra 4 graphics processing unit
CPU: Dual-core processor 1 GB of RAM at 1.2GHz

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Overall, however, it’s a rather entertaining trip through a universe modeled after the popular video game Minecraft.

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