How to Make Poké Balls In Pixelmon Reforged Mod

The Pixelmon Reforged patch includes a plethora of different Poké Balls, 22 to be precise. We’ll show you where to get supplies and how to create them in this post. Pixelmon is a well-known mod for the popular video game Minecraft.

Although it is one of the older modifications available, it has been updated often, with new material being uploaded on a semi-regular basis. The most recent official release was made available immediately after Minecraft’s 1.16 Nether Update! Today, we’ll discuss how to get all of the various kinds of Poké Balls in Pixelmon.

The most difficult aspect of Poké Balls is that each one needs a unique formula for the cover. Nonetheless, they are very easy to make. We’ll begin by explaining how to build them, followed by a complete recipe list for each Poké Ball kind.

Gather the Materials

To begin constructing Poké Balls in Pixelmon, you must collect the required ingredients. We’ve broken down precisely everything you need here.
These are found worldwide in woodland biomes. They spawn at random and rejuvenate at the same pace for each tree.

How to Make Poké Balls In Pixelmon Reforged Mod
How to Make Poké Balls In Pixelmon Reforged Mod

Note: You may also utilize the forage ability on leaves if your Pixelmon is a Bug or Grass type. This method is less successful than locating apricorns.

Iron Ingots

As is customary, you will need to acquire iron and turn it into ingots. Aluminum may also be used in lieu of iron, however it produces only three ball discs rather of five as iron does.

Buttons Made of Stone

1 stone button will be required for each Poké Ball that you want to create. Stone buttons are very simple to create. To make them, just put 1 stone block in the center of the crafting table.

The Anvil of Pixelmon

Prior to assembling the Poké Balls, you’ll need to build a Pixelmon Anvil. During this procedure, you cannot use a standard Minecraft anvil; you must use a Pixelmon anvil. To create the anvil, you’ll need eight iron ingots. The recipe is shown in the picture below.

How to Craft the Poké Balls

After assembling all of the ingredients, we can begin putting them together to form our first Poké Balls.

Cook the Apricorns in Step 1

All of your apricorns should be roasted in the furnace until they become “cooked apricorns.” Any Poké Ball requires three fried apricorns. Depending on the color of apricorns used, you may make a variety of different kinds of balls. Each ball has a unique color combination.

Step 2: Assemble the Discs

Arrange three iron ingots on the crafting table to create five iron discs. These will serve as the Poké Balls’ bottom half. Line up three apricorns of your choosing on the crafting table and create them into Poké Ball discs. The quantity obtained will vary according on the kind of ball you are attempting to create.

Turn the Discs into Lids and Bases in Step 3

This section will need any kind of hammer. Place the discs on the Pixelmon anvil you created. 

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You may only perform this action on one disc at a time and must do so for both iron and Poké Ball discs. Left-click on the anvil discs to make Poké Ball covers and iron bases.

Assemble the Poké Balls in Step 4

Once you’ve completed all of your parts, return to the crafting table and begin assembling the balls you wish to make. The recipe is included in the picture below. You’ve finally mastered the art of Poké Ball crafting in the Minecraft Pixelmon mod! We hope you found this article to be informative. Must apprehend them all!

Poké Balls That Are Not Craftable

You should be aware that not every Poké Ball in Pixelmon is craftable. Cherish Balls, GS Balls, Master Balls, and Park Balls are just a few examples. These balls are acquired exclusively by progressing through the game and getting unique drops.

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