Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location | All Details

Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location: Pokemon Go is also one of Niantic’s most popular mobile games based on the increasing reality (AR) to meet the requirements of smartphone fans.

It utilises the GPS of the smartphone and also offers the player with a virtual world in which the gamer simulates his character to track, capture, and fight virtual beings. The future of VR gaming has also been planned by presenting the player with a genuine environment. The most frequent game reported recently was “pokemon go fault 12: failure to identify place” since this game’s publication.

The most common one reported in recent years is: We have investigated and collected all the answers in one place so that you can solve the problem quickly and it will never happen in the future.

Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location

Can’t you find location 12 or a position you haven’t discovered in the Pokemon GO and can’t play the game? Or you may be utilising GPS joystick applications to cheat/display your position, yet you cannot access the game? Follow our advice to solve a problem in the Pokemon GO area.

2 Main Reasons for this error

Reason 1 — Somewhere in the buildings you can’t get GPS messages from your Android phone/tablet.

Reason 2 — On your Android phone/tablet the Mock Locations option is on.

Now, if you do not know, Pokemon GO players utilise “Mock locations” to pick up their position. Using GPS spoofing applications such as Fly GPS, Fake GPS GO and similar hacking applications. These spoofing applications let you to bring your Pokemon GO. Avatar to anywhere in the globe and catch Pokemon at home.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location Error

Method 1
  • Go to the “Settings” tab, and touch “Location.”
  • Enter the option “Mode” and choose “High Precision” to set GPS to the highest location precision mode.
  • Try to play Pokemon GO now and check whether the GPS problem was fixed.
Method 2
  • Go to “Settings” and scroll down till the device option is found and touch on. Scroll down. This option should be under the System section.
  • You will now get a toast message that reads: “You are a developer now” and you will see a list of information about your device 7 times, locate it and touch on “build number.”
  • On your phone, developer options are activated. To verify it, go back to the “Settings” options, and you can see that it’s now directly above the “Developer Options” options.
  • Enter the Developer Options. Step 4. On the top, a switchback and a list of check boxes will be shown. To activate Developer Options, tap on the toggle button.
  • There will be a new pop-up warning box saying, “The settings are for development use only.” To activate, tap the “OK” button.
  • Look for the option for “Allow mock locations,” found under Debugging. Tap on it to deactivate fake locations if this option is enabled.
  • On addition, you may want to select “Select fake location app” instead of Allow mock locations in your version of Android. Check it says, ‘There’s no mock app placement set.’
  • That’s everything. Step 6.

This approach should work and solve location error, since most Pokemon GO players used the fake location option fixed by the recent Android security update.

Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location

What if, following Android security patch update, you still want to fake your position in Pokemon GO? Method #3 is the next way to fake your Pokemon GO even if your phone has the newest Android version.

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