Pro 100 Fortnite Creative Challenge | How to Complete

Pro 100 Fortnite Creative Challenge: The Pro 100 Fortnite creative LTM, which serves as the second part of the Cosmic Summer challenge, is currently available for play. Players will need to manually enter the Pro 100 Fortnite creative LTM in order to accomplish a series of tasks, which will require them to switch to the creative mode.

Successfully completing the tasks in this new set will allow players to advance farther down the Cosmic Summer challenges list and earn more prizes. In contrast to the Fortnite Bios Zone War Creative LTM, which has received some negative feedback from the community, the Pro 100 Fortnite creative LTM is considerably more simple in its design and implementation. As a consequence, every participant should have an easy time completing the task.

How to accomplish all 100 Fortnite Creative Challenges in the Pro League

Before they can begin the Pro 100 Fortnite challenges, players will need to complete a few tasks in order to get access to the LTM (Local Time Machine).

Here are the procedures to take in order to get access to the Pro 100 creative LTM:

 1 – After launching Fortnite, go to the ‘Creative’ menu and choose the ‘Creative’ option.
 2 – To enter the “Creative” menu, choose “Change” from the drop-down menu.
 3 – Press the “Play” button.
 4 – Select “Island Code” and click “enter” to go to the next step.
 5 – To begin the game, enter the number 3424-1388-0947 and click “Launch.”

It is not yet possible to find the Pro 100 Fortnite in-game, unlike the Bios Zone War Creative LTM. Thus, this is the only method to get your hands on it for the time being.

Pro 100 Fortnite Creative Challenge

Purchase goods from the vending machine in Pro 100 – 0/10 using coins you have earned (20,000 XP)
In order to get gold, players will need to remove their opponents. Players will be awarded with 50 gold after each elimination, which can be used to purchase goods from vending machines throughout the game.

Rejuvenate your teammates in Pro 100 – 0/20. (30,000 XP)

It may be difficult to resurrect your colleagues. This may be accomplished by setting up camp near the teams’ spawning region and resurrecting comrades who have been clipped. Players who are in the spawning zone may usually be resurrected with relative ease. Alternatively, players may transport their colleagues to a secure location before reviving them.

Use a rocket launcher to do damage to other players in Pro 100 – 0/1000 mode (20,000 XP)

To purchase the rocket launcher, you will need 360 gold, which may take some time. Fire directly at the opponent’s spawning region if you want to do the most damage possible. This is almost certain to inflict harm to a large number of gamers.

Fortnite Secret Gold guide for the pros.

A hidden and more efficient method of completing the “Spend coins to purchase goods at the vending machine in Pro 100 Fortnite creative LTM,” rather than just obtaining eliminations, is available.

Pro 100 Fortnite Creative Challenge

A few of hidden objects may be interacted with early in the game to help players earn some additional gold. The first will be a blue chair in a corner of the room, and the second will be a wall in the same part of the room. Players will get a total of 2,000 gold coins as a result of interacting with this object. Which may be used to enter the vault or to purchase items.

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