Total Gaming Garena Free Fire UID number and Monthly income

Total Gaming Garena Free Fire UID number and Monthly income: Total Gaming, alias Ajjubhai, is one of the most well-known Free Fire content producers in the globe. He has a large following on YouTube.

His YouTube channel has more over 25 million followers, making him the most subscribed person in the planet. Ajjubhai also controls the “Total Gaming Esports” roster, which is a well-known Indian Free Fire team. An examination of Ajjubhai’s Free Fire UID number, profits, and other relevant information is presented in this article.

Known online as Total Gaming, Ajay (Ajjubhai) has reached the milestone of 25 million followers on YouTube and has therefore become the first gamer and gaming content producer in India to achieve this feat. Earlier this year, Ajay, an Ahmedabad-based YouTuber, made history by being the first Indian video gamer to earn three billion total views on YouTube.

Ajay achieved all of these milestones while remaining anonymous and without exposing his name or face, defying the common concept of “face worth.”

Ajjubhai’s free fire ID/UID number, as well as his statistical information

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire UID number is 451012596. And he may be found on the Free Fire website. Ajjubhai has participated in 11706 team games and has won 2847 of them, resulting in a victory percentage of 24.32 percent based on his performance. In these battles, he has 44061 kills with a kill-to-death ratio of 4.94. In addition, the YouTuber has participated in 1770 duo bouts.

total Gaming Garena Free Fire UID number and Monthly income

Winning 343 of them and keeping a victory percentage of 19.37 percent overall. In this mode, he amassed 7026 kills with a kill-to-death ratio of 4.92. Ajjubhai has played 931 solo games and has earned 85 Booyahs, giving him a victory percentage of 9.12 percent based on his whole experience. In these matches, he has 2394 kills with a kill-to-death ratio of 2.83.

This season, Ajjubhai has participated in 210 team matches and has earned 83 wins. Resulting in an overall win percentage of 39.52 percent. With 1073 kills under his belt, he has an 8.45 kill-to-death ratio in this mode. His victory percentage in rated pair games is 35.61 percent.

Based on the 26 victories he has achieved in the 73 games he has participated in. He has 420 frags in these matches, with a K/D ratio of 8.94. Ajjubhai has also played 23 ranked solo matches and has triumphed in 6 of them, translating to a win rate of 26.08%. He killed 96 opponents at a K/D ratio of 5.65 in this mode.

Ajjubhai’s income

As per Social Blade, Ajjubhai’s estimated monthly earnings from his YouTube channel are between $61.2K and $979K. Meanwhile, his yearly earnings are in the range of $734.3K and $11.7 million.

Ajjubhai has been creating content on YouTube for over two-and-a-half years, with the first video on his channel posted in December 2018. He currently has 1376 videos on his channel, with 3.95 billion views combined. Ajjubhai has gained 900k subscribers and 244.761 million views in the last 30 days.

The Total Gaming YouTube channel was created by Ajay in 2018 to interact with and amuse the gaming community. Any kind of plan, roadmap, or strategy in place at the time. The overwhelmingly positive reaction he received from gamers and esports fans enabled him to expand tremendously in only two years.

Between 2020 and 2021, his YouTube channel had a nearly 5X rise in subscribers (from 5M to 25M). As well as a nearly 5X increase in views (460million to 3billion). As a result, Total Gaming has risen to become India’s biggest independent gaming influencer. In addition, he was included in a list of the top live broadcasters on YouTube based on the number of views they received in 2020. For players like him, the year 2020 has proven to be a very fruitful one.

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