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Where is Joey in Fortnite : Two stages of the Week 3 legendary objectives in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 need you to speak with Sunny, Joey, or Beach Brutus in order to complete them. When you are utilising a payphone to get instructions from Slone, she will assign you the job of speaking with one of those three NPCs.

Take into consideration that this task is just one week away since it is a legendarily difficult undertaking. After completing this assignment, 15k XP will be awarded to the player, who will then be able to unlock the new skins from the Battle Pass. This week’s Fortnite Legendary challenges saw players from all across the map using goods to complete them. These are some examples:

  • Boomboxes
  • Yard signs
  • Alien Communication Devices

When playing Fortnite, where can you locate Sunny, Joey, or Beach Brutus?

However, you must communicate with non-player characters (NPCs). In particular, you should speak with Beach Brutus, Joey, and Sunny, who are all located in close proximity to one another.

Where is Joey in Fortnite
Where is Joey in Fortnite

In order to locate the sand The beach is situated near the town of Brutus, approximately north of the Believer Beach skatepark. Find him by looking for the parasol if you are having trouble locating him.

Where to Find Joey in Fortnite?

To find Joey, go to the caverns park of Believer Beach in the south, where he may be found near a mobile home, where he is a regular human hangout. East of Sunny, near the alien sand circle.

There is the eastern half of the beach, which is situated on the east side of Sunny. Remember that you only need to speak with one of these NPCs in order to complete this legendary job. So choose someone that you can chat to right away. Keep an eye out for other players, since they have the ability to kill you while you are talking.

Where is Joey in Fortnite

Fortnite may be a real nightmare for introverts at times. There will be one task every other week or so, on average. In order to do so, you’ll need to speak with one or more NPCs on the island.

This is a feature of the game, but it is all about interacting with other players once again. This is very inconvenient. And this is very inconvenient. You must, however, speak with Beach Brutus, Sunny, or Joey in Fortnite in order to go through the Fortnite season 7 week 3 storyline.

Other Details on Fortnite

Fortnite has quickly risen to become one of the most popular Battle Royale games ever created. This is mostly due to the large number of people that have participated. As well as the many modifications that have been made to the game.

There is a new NPC in the game that has been introduced recently, and the players are presently interested in learning more about it. Consequently, people have been asking queries such as where Beach Brutus is located in Fortnite.

The gamers have been attempting to find Beach Brutus in the game for some time now. In order to locate this NPC, the players will need to land at Believer Beach throughout the course of the game.

You will need to look for a parasol. And the Beach Brutus will be right next to it when you arrive. The players must go to the subterranean park in the southern section of Believer Beach in order to locate this second non-player character. Arrive near the mobile homes and look around for any signs of life.

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