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Get Paid to Type: 10 Easy Ways to $2000 per month!

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One laptop, good working space, and a good typing speed are required for typing jobs. While some of the typing jobs demand certain extra requirements.

Are you ready to earn the money? I have provided all the different categories of the jobs and their full details. From some of these jobs, you can easily get paid for typing online, and for some jobs, you have to wait.

How many earnings can make by the Typing job?

You might come out of many typing jobs and are always be interested to know about their earnings. Well, you might be one the right place today. To make money by typing you must have a good internet speed and computer. If you have this then you can easily make the money by typing.

Many of the typing jobs don’t demand special education. The jobs mostly demand the typing words based on the recording audio and have to do the research and ensure that the terms captured are correct.

Typing jobs are more flexible than other jobs. You can do the work in the daytime or nighttime but you have a very good typing speed to complete the given task by the deadline. You can also work here part-time or full-time.

From the typing jobs, you can earn $12.92 per hour for the small data entry tasks and $50,000 annually from the subtitling typing work.

How can one learn type Faster?

Well, typing is like a skill that can be learned in the way we learn to speak. It is not a complicated process but yes, it involves good practice and also a discipline like when we try to learn a new language.

Before applying for any typing jobs, I recommended everyone to join the typing classes and try to increase their typing speed.  Under the typing classes, the instructor teaches you about all the basic things related to typing and how to place your fingers properly on the keyboard. These tips and tricks work on your typing speed. And to check your learning you can give the typing test by which you can analyze your typing speed.

Get Paid for typing captcha

Before we discuss the earnings of the Captcha we first understand what the Captcha means? When we go to any website or try to open it then the website verifies whether we are a robot or not. The verification done by them is called Captcha. There are some automated software or bots from the site. Captcha is not in only one form whether they are in so many forms like audio, images, math, letters, and 3D. Verification is like a sign-up process that is used by websites. Captchas are only done or solved by humans not by any kind of technology.

You can easily pay for this type of typing work. Once the customer comes to these puzzles or any signup software then the company sends you to do the solution of the puzzles. You have to write or type the characters which are shown on the screen and have to send them back to the company.

There are various companies that pay for the captcha solve. Here are some of the sites which you can join:

  • Mega Typers
  • Fast Typers
  • Captcha typers
  • Kolotibablo
  • Virtual Bee

Get paid for typing Subtitles

Are you interested in watching shows? If yes, then are you reading the words or the dialogues that appear on the screen. If yes, then you know that you can get paid by writing such kinds of subtitles or captions.

Captions and Subtitles both are different terms. Captions are like the dialogue into the same language while subtitles are the dialogue translation into a given language.

If you have the mastery of the language which are used in the video and of the language in which the translation has to do then you can get paid for typing the subtitles. The earnings also depend upon your words accuracy and Typing speed. This work also demands good listening skills and high patience.

Some of the platforms demand the training of this work while some of the platforms conduct the initial test. Here are some platforms where you can get paid for the work.

  • Rev
  • Upwork
  • Go Transcript
  • Hollywood Transcriptionist

Get Paid for Typing Fast

Are your typing is fast? If yes, then you know you will get paid for this. On average,  one person can type the 40 words into a minute. It means a person can write 200 characters in one minute. However, to get paid for the type you must be an above-average typer.

Mainly a professional typist writes 65-75 words per minute. At this speed, your prospects become endless. For instance: You can type the live speeches like the lectures,  sermons, online classes, seminars, debates, and many like speech to the text jobs of the typing.

One of the right places to start the earnings is by doing the marking by yourself as an online note taker. Students like doctorate, postgraduate, and disabled students can seek your services. Working online like a live-of-site typist is not such a simple task. You have to first show your skill on any of the platforms. Sign up on the below sites to show your skills.

  • Upwork
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor

Get Paid to Type Scanned Documents

Type Scanned documents mean to convert the picture of the document into a simple file. It helps in increasing the output of the document and also helps to enhance the information in it.

So many jobs are available like typing the captcha into the number and so on. To work for typing scanned documents you must be working with the various types of the files like PNG, PDFs, TIFF, and JPEG. There are two files that are more reliable one is TIFF and the second one is PDFs.

You will pay for every project like paid into the other jobs. To earn the right amount you must be accurate and fast. Under the typing scanned documents, all pages are not text. Many of them include Blank pages and pictures. So many websites are offers this kind of work. They are:

  • Axion Data Entry
  • Pittsburg-based company

Get Paid to Type Transcripts

Like many writers, the Transcripts also get paid for the typing work as no research is needed. As a Trancriptionsts you must be responsible for creating the very documents which you hear. You have to give the output on any paper and in digital form.

There are so many companies that offer plenty of transcription jobs. You have to just sign up for them and find the work which is suitable for you. The best part about the Transcriptionists job is that it doesn’t demand any experience. Here are some of the platforms where you can apply for Transcriptionist jobs.

  • TranscribeMe
  • Rev
  • Casting Words

Get Paid for Typing Words

You can also make the money by typing single words. So many typing jobs are there. But besides the captcha writing jobs and the article writing jobs, there are some jobs under which you have to type the text under the scanned documents or into the electronic form.

Data entry jobs are also typing jobs that don’t demand any requirement and don’t fetch much. You must be regular for this work and have to good record. Your typing speed must be matched with the work and it should be over 50 words per minute. Here are some platforms from where you can money from typing jobs.

  • DataPlus+
  • DionData Solution
  • iWriter

Note: So many opportunities are available on the internet for typing jobs to earn the money online. Use the right job to earn the money online.

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