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How To Get A Scholarship For Indian Student In UAE?


UAE offers world-class infrastructure and a multicultural atmosphere. Dubai is home to campuses for many of the best universities in the world. Those who choose to pursue higher education in Dubai will experience both a fusion of Western and Asian culture and real worldwide exposure.

Students studying here gain from great support services, new and modern facilities, and high-quality teaching and learning, in addition to developing connections with potential employers. Your main concern once you’ve made the decision to attend college in Dubai will be money. This article contains all the details about the scholarships in UAE for Indian students.


What are the criteria for scholarships?

For some people who yearn for higher education but are unable to continue it because of budgetary restrictions, scholarships are a lifesaver. Nowadays, finding a child’s higher education abroad is truly just a pipe dream for parents from middle-class families because education has gotten so expensive.
Scholarships are crucial in these situations because they provide deserving students with the financial means to pursue their goals. Numerous scholarships are available in India for four distinct nations and numerous course types.

UAE education

The Higher Technology Colleges are among the most sought-after educational institutions in the nation, along with the regular universities. Here, you can take classes in business studies, education, engineering, and technology as well as computer and information science. These programs are all available in English. MBA programs from the UAE are among the most well-liked programs worldwide. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is the ministry in charge of higher education in the UAE. The Ministry oversees the licensing and accreditation of institutions of higher learning.

Student Life in the United Arab Emirates:

Since oil was discovered in the Gulf, the economy of the UAE and its neighboring nations has grown quickly. Cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which are among the richest locations on earth, have seen a total transformation in recent decades. These locations have since developed truly multinational infrastructure and demography. You will be surrounded by students from other nations while studying in the UAE. There are malls, beaches, bars, and skyscrapers to discover in the UAE, so there is never a dull time for international students.

Different Scholarships For Indian Student In UAE

Indian students can choose from a variety of scholarships if they want to continue their education in Dubai. The list of scholarships that follows is for Indian students who are enrolled in courses in Dubai.

1. Outstanding Academic Excellence Scholarships

The University of Wollongong in Dubai is offering this bursary. The award is available to students in both undergraduate and graduate programs. The institution makes the scholarship available at the beginning of each semester. Only first-year students are eligible for it, and the rewards range from a 20% to a 10% tuition fee payment. The costs associated with living and studying are not covered by it. Students may compete for as many scholarships as they want, even if each student is only eligible for one award. However, this is also subject to eligibility.

2. Scholarships for Undergraduate Programmes at BITS Pilani, Dubai

This scholarship is offered by BITS Pilani’s Dubai Campus. It is meant for graduate-level study. One of Dubai International Academic City’s main engineering institutes, the BITS Pilani Dubai Campus (BPDC), was established in 2000 and enjoys widespread recognition abroad (DIAC).
The scholarship eligibility requirements and other pertinent information are available at Scholarship and fee concession for fd programme.pdf.

3. SP Jain Center of SPG Management Global MBA Program

The S P Jain scholarship program is extremely selective, and it also provides deserving and underprivileged applicants with low-interest loans. Following the applicants’ enrollment in the GMBA program, applications are accepted for these loans and scholarships.
Studying at the graduate level. All scholarship recipients are expected to uphold the program’s code of conduct and maintain the required GPA. Postgraduate students are its primary target audience.

4. Multicultural Students Scholarships (MSS)

This grant is provided by the University of Wisconsin-Stout and is also for graduate-level coursework. It gives out about $10,000 over a period of four years. It implies that the scholarship recipient will receive $2500 annually as a scholarship sum. Candidates must meet the qualifying requirements of having a 3.0 GPA and enrolling in 12 or more credits each year in order to receive this money continually for 4 years.

5. HH Sheikh Hamdan Scholarships

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan oversees the high school scholarship program offered by Abu Dhabi University. The institution has given the HH Sheikh Hamdan scholarships to a number of outstanding students from high schools in the United Arab Emirates. The scholarship pays for the whole four-year program, including tuition and other expenses.

6. International Scholarships for Tuition

This grant is available for undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Its purpose is to assist UW-Stout students with stellar academic records and skills. Participation in foreign cultural events by applicants is another element taken into account for this award, as does the availability of cash.

7. 2011 Masdar Institute Fully Funded Master Scholarships

The Masdar Institute is providing this scholarship at the master’s level. The institute accepts applications from qualified local students as well as students from other countries. Admission to the programs is contingent on academic standing and English language proficiency because all lectures, from lab sessions to written or oral exams, will be held in English.

8. The SKP Fellowship (Pathak Scholarships)

It is a graduate-level scholarship that Exeter College, University of Oxford, is providing. It was Mr. Krishna Pathak’s idea, and it goes together with the Clarendon Award. The recipients of this scholarship must be Indian nationals who live in India or Dubai and intend to graduate from Exeter College, University of Oxford.

UAE Scholarships for Foreign Students

To entice foreign students, the UAE offers a sizable number of scholarships. The scholarships are available for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in the UAE. Some scholarships are available for both international and Emirati students. Scholarships are a fantastic option to pay for an individual’s global education in addition to an education loan. Some scholarships in the UAE may provide health insurance, travel, and living expenses.


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