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How to Make Money Cooking at Home?

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Are you fond of the Food? Do you have a good passion for food? Are you love cooking? If your answer is yes, then you might be open-eyed to listen that there are so many ways to make the money by just cooking at your home.

If you think of yourself as a foodie, or love to experiment in the kitchen then there are so many options by which you can make good money by sharing your cooking love with other.

Different Ways To Make Money Cooking at Home?

Here are some ways which help you to make the money by the cooking.

Teach Cooking Classes

If you have impassioned about healthy food and love your kids then you can go to the classes in the Healthy Hands Cooking program.

The instructor program will tell you about all the healthy foods and helps you to create healthy food. This course has 11 modules and over these modules the participants can learn about the basics things of the kids like how to cook, licensing, food safety, permits, and also how to market the cooking business. By completing this program you will become a certified healthy instructor.

This course mainly consists of the $997 and instructors mainly keep the 90% of the earnings which are made from the demonstrations and the classes.

Sell Cooking Class Subscriptions Online

If you have the courage of facing the camera and enjoyed to provide demos classes on cooking then you can create a subscription to your cooking classes and sell them online. Video tutorials are now in trend as it helps you to connect with the audience.

You can easily create your subscription and it doesn’t demand a high investment. You simply need a laptop, smartphone, and the best platform for the video. You can generate good revenues from the subscription and you can also release the teaser on various sites like TikTok or YouTube.

Earn Money From The Recipe Writer

Recipe writing is like an art. The person who writes the recipe of any food item has to capture all the steps, ingredients, and dish details so that readers can make the food item easily and successfully. Many authors of the cookbooks hire recipe writers to give details descriptions to make the meals.

To start your career in this field, you can easily post your services on various platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. If you have a good knowledge and good experience in cooking and have a good and different style of cooking then writing recipes is a good job for you and also it has a great demand. You also have to offer photos of the recipes which you create.

Besides Fiverr, there are also many writing opportunities where you can easily list your specials recipes. You can easily find the many gigs on the Cuisine at Home and Eating well. There are various opportunities for the writers.

Become a Food Blogger

Food writers can earn a good amount of money by making a food blog. Now, the market for the recipes blogs and food blogs become vast and if you are experiencing this line then would be in demand.

There are a food blog couple named Bjork and Lindsay at Pinch and they share their income reports for the year 2011 – 2017 and you will be amazed by listening to their earnings. They make $70,000 every month and they convert there this hobby into a full-time business.

Food bloggers can easily make their earnings from various ad networks like Mediavine,  Google Adsense, Ezoic, and AdThrive. Therefore they also make their earnings through printables, affiliate marketing, cookbooks, brand sponsorship, and subscription services.

Watch Cooking Shows

If you are interested in watching the cook or you are a fan of the Food Network, then you can easily make the points on the Swagbucks just by simply watching the shows the cooking on their channel of the video. Only you have to log in there and watch the video. You can earn the points by the SBs and then you can exchange them by Paypal or the gift cards which were your favorites like Starbucks, Amazon, or Old Navy. It’s a great way to earn some extra amount of income.

Start a Cooking Channel on YouTube

In today’s time, YouTubers can earn a good amount on Youtube. There’s a cooking channel on Youtube named CharlisCraftyKitchen which earns $127 k per month. To start and run the Youtube channel only demands the sharing the videos with the others and posting on the regular basis and some unique content.

Vlogging is not a necessary career for every person but it can generate a high income for one. Youtube is such a strong mode to generate traffic to the online storefront and to sell their products.

Sell Gourmet Goodies

There are the small food makers who make the use of the Goldbely to sell their wares. Goldbely is like service of the delivery for the food lover. This store mainly sells the top the treats from all over the world and they are generated by the iconic shops, local artisans, go to food joints.

The treats like Danish Kringle pastry from Wisconsin, Joe’s Pizza from New York, and King Cake from Gambino’s in New Orleans are shipped to the buyers from the US so that they can easily enjoy the home taste.

Become a Personal Chef

If you loved to do cooking or you loved to feed the other people then working as a personal chef will be a good thing for you. You can offer your services for any special events, catering, cooking daily meals, or frozen meals.

When you become the personal chef then you can easily set your rates and work for the client a super your choice. But to become the personal chef the mouth wording marketing is the necessary key. You can also make your business cards, websites, and also social media accounts.

Make Money on TikTok

Have you ever watched the Tiktok videos? If yes, then you also know how the trends and videos go viral on the TikTok. How many of you make the tomato feta pasta? I also did this. If you loved to share the recipes, restaurant hacks, and food outings then you make good money on TikTok through the Sponsored Content, TikTok Creator Fund, or by selling your products.

Tori Dunlap one of the famous tik tokers earns $12000 for every video. She has a great fan following of the 1.7 million followers. If you have good followers then you can also easily make the money.

Food Videographer

If you are a good photographer and have good knowledge ing of creating viral videos then by becoming a food videographer you can earn the well. Many food videographers can get the training and become experienced by experimenting with their kitchens. Besides editing the videos, how to film, and more and you also must be familiar with the various platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and the TikTok.



There are various methods to generate income by cooking from the home while setting your schedule, working hours, and more. If you are also looking for home jobs then go for this work. There are so many options available for the foodies and cooking ardent.

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