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Jobs That Can Pay 07 Figure Salary

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Have you also heard the individuals saying about their 7 figure salary? If yes, then are you also thinking to earn into the 7 figures. If yes, then you might be in the right place. In today’s article, we will be going to discuss how one can earn the 7 figure salary without having a degree.

In today’s time, earning a 7 figure salary is possible as the technology has improved and there is a fast growth into the industries. The persons who earn into the 6 figure are now considered to be rich and the person who earns into the 8 figure is on the top of the world.


Meaning of the 07 Figure Salary

Before we discuss the 7 figure salaries firstly discuss the meaning of the 5 figure, 6 figure, and the 7 or 8 figure salary.

  • 5 figure salary: As it clears from its name the income is into the 5 digits which means that the income is from the $10,000 to the $99,999 are between it.
  • 6 figure salary: 6 figure salary contains the 6 digits which means the earnings are between the $100,000 to the99,999.
  • 7 figure salary: The 7 figure is from the $1,000,000 to the $9,999,999.
  • 8 figure salary: The 8 figure salary are of the 8 digits and one can earn between $10,000,000 and $99,999,999

The 7 figure salary are between 1,000,000 to the $9,999,999. It means that the gross salary is of the seven digits. Everyone has the potential of earnings in the 7 figures whether they are a businessman or the self-employed or not. Only you have a sharp mind to earn into the 7 figure salary.

Definition of the 7 Figure Salary

The 7 figure salary is defines as the amount earned between $1,000,000 – $9,999,999. In simple terms, the 7 digit salary is the 7 Figure salary.

07 Figure Salary Jobs

There are many jobs which pay the 7 figure salary. The following are some of the jobs which pay you the 7 figure salary annually.


Consultants are those who provide their opinions to individuals and organizations. They also provide various strategies to remove the problems and to improve the business profile. They need into every sector like technology, investment, sales, and human resource. To become a consultant you must have a degree and good interpersonal skills. To make the earnings about the 1 million-plus you should be innovative.

Working as a consultant makes you earn into the 6 figure salary or into the 7 figure too. All it depends upon the type of the field and the experience. As a  consultant, you can set your rates hourly for the project. In the US the Consultant earns  $88,935 approximately.

Investment Bankers

Investment Banking is one of the best paths to make the money into the 7 figures. Investment Bankers are like Financial advisor which advises the companies or the organization and the individuals for their financial status.

Here is the list of the richest investment bankers in the world:

  • Ken Graffin
  • Nathaniel Rothschild
  • Jorge Paulo Lemann

To enter the bankers club, you must complete your Graduation in Finance or any related field. To make the earnings into the six-figure, it will take 4 years.

Celebrities and TV Stars

Nowadays, TV Stars and celebrities make their earnings into the 7 figures. As a TV star, you must have good talent and high acting skills. It is the best career for those who are passionate about their work. Under this field, both men and women can serve.

There are so many celebs and TV stars who make very high earnings. Sofia Vergara is one of the best TV stars and earns $43 billion. Whereas  Angelina Jolie earns $35 million.

Becoming a celebrity and a TV star is not an easy task and you cant become overnight. You must be trained well into the acting.


It is one of the best professionals which pays very well. So many professionals like obstetricians, gynecologists,  and surgeons earn a 7 figure salary or more than it.

To qualification for doing the medicine is fixed. In the initial period,  you must be in a media school for near about 8 years and then must be resident into the clinic or any hospital for the 3-9 years. In addition, you must be there for the 17 years after completing high school. A medical doctor in the US makes earnings around $400,000 yearly.


It is the dealing knowledge with applied science in various fields like engineering. It is such a broad area and you can specialize in various areas like the:

  • Computer
  • Chemical
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical

As per Glassdoor, the software technologies can earn $106,865 annually. As your experience increases you can also move to the Chief Technology Officer post and make a seven-figure salary.


Working in finance must be a difficult and changing task because under this work you have to deal with the money. It contains a lot of risks but by this, you can earn good earnings. Finance covers almost so many industries like debt, banking, capital market, and investment.

To work in a finance department one must have a good knowledge of business management and accounting plus strong maths. It also demands certification from professional ones.

The Chief finance officer of the US approximately earns $395,004 along with the various bonus and benefits.

Air Traffic Controller

The Air Traffic Controller can mainly earn $114,757 annually.

The Air Traffic controllers use the best technology to guide the planes into the sky and onto the ground. They usually help the pilots to fly very safely and efficiently. If you are ready to work as ATC then you must have an associate degree of the AT-CTI plus the experience of the 3 years.

Influencers, Youtubers, And Bloggers

Social media influencers can earn $46703 whereas YouTubers earn $52,806.

Social media is now become one of the best platforms to earn the money. It has a great career with high earnings. Only you have created the traffic onto your posts and increased your followers.

So many people earn 7 figure earnings from social media like  Christiano Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian West. They both are the highest-paid star on social media. Christina Ronaldo paid $1.6 m for every single post whereas Kim Kardashian West paid $500,000 for every single post.

To start earning from social media, no school certificate is required. Only you have to attract followers on your channel and you can easily make the earnings.

Fashion Designer

Fashioner Designers have a great scope and have high earnings in today’s time. If you have a great passion for fashion then you can easily make the earnings. You only need to be very unique and creative so that you can easily notice under the market.

Some so many persons work as the designers and the patternmakers for the many big labels and earn into the seven-figure and above then the figure.

Web Developer

Web Developers are the ones who create the web content and also develop web applications. This job is very high in demand and if you have the potential then you can easily make the 7 figure salary from this work.

To work as a web Developer only you have to understand computer programing and how to do the coding. You must be experienced in web development. To make the earnings into a big number you can easily consult on the high-value webs and the app development jobs. You can also get help from the Quora thread like so many developers guides you to expand the business.

Ways To Generate a 7 Figure Income

To earn the salary into the 7 figure you have to set your goals and have to understand your strength and weakness. You have a great plan to fulfill your goals. Along with this you also have some following things in mind.

  • You must be creative and innovative along with your products so that you can easily beat your competitors.
  • Must have many sources of income and doesn’t depend upon the single source of the income.
  • Make proper use of social media as one of your strategies.

Note: Earning into the 7 figure is now possible as you must be ambitious and have to choose the right path. You have to start from somewhere to start your career. While the persons who earn also do the starting form the low earnings. So you just started your career and try to become the boss.


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