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Voice Over Jobs: How To Apply?

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Are you looking for voice-over jobs as beginners or freshers? If you have a good voice that everyone compliments for the good pronunciation, compliments, and more then you have a good opportunity. Voice acting is sounded to be a tough task and actually, it is. But it is all possible to work at the top. Voice acting has a flourishing and growing marketplace.

There are many platforms where you can easily find out jobs of the voice-over. You can also make it as a full time and it might have very fun because you have to lend your voice to the videos, audiobooks, and e-learning materials.


What is Voice Over Jobs? 

If you are under the wildlife and commercials features then you must familiar with the narrators who are the off-cameras. These are commonly those peoples who lend over their voice. The persons behind these voices are the voice-over artists.

They mainly work beyond the programs and TV ads. You can easily get the narrator jobs on audiobooks, animations, training videos, and podcasts. There are also various projects like the videogame character, coaching and training videos, presentations, and academic tutorials.

All the narration jobs are not done by the professional studio. One can easily do the narration jobs at home with the right software and the vocal style.

Qualifications Required to Become a Voice-over Actor?

To apply for the narration jobs you have to send a real demo to the company. It is a short recording that mainly shows the voice style and versatility.

Voice-over jobs for freshers are nonexistent without a recording of the demo.

The demo must be a one and the half-minute and segmented with the 15-second long voice varieties. This breakdown is for the showing of the ability to switch up the voice styles.

The demo must be cover every little thing from the cartoon and the businessman to the teacher and the robot. Make sure that the recording made by you is duplicated in several audio formats and ready to send for the request.

How to Started With Voice Over Work?

To shine in this line you must have some talent. As time passes, with your hard work you can polish it. To strengthen your profile you must need a good platform for voice-over projects.

You don’t need to wonder about how to start the career into the voiceovers? And how much you paid? Below, I will reveal all these things to you. Read it wisely.

Voice Over Jobs Salary

The salary depends upon the company/website. Voice-over jobs can pay from millions of dollars to a few dollars per gig.

In the beginning, you can’t get the high rates and it doesn’t mean that your voice is not unique. As time going the rates of your voice are also increasing. As per the research, for the voice-over jobs, one has to pay near about $30 per hour on average. This estimate is based on the profiles of the top 55 individuals who pay $149 per hour.

The report also shows that, as high your experiences, as high you paid. Also, this job provides you any tips and bonuses worth $500.

Different Voice Over Jobs 

 Voice Bunny

It is a new voiceover marketplace that is now giving great competition to the big platforms like Voices 123 and Voice. It mainly covers 50 languages and has a community of 28,000 voiceover artists. Now, it offers voice-over jobs to the freshers to start their career at the amount of $31 per voiceover.

If you are not able to speak the English language then it is not the big deal. You can deliver it into the Spanish or French language. And the best part about voice bunny is that you can give the auditions from the home. So, to start the work you have to just make a simple setup under your room.

This website has a good record of delivering the work every 3 minutes. So, to have your name on this platform you must be fast and efficient. Here you have the full freedom to control your earnings.


It established itself as the primary contender of the voices. It is now the best platform to provide voice-over jobs to beginners. This website mainly has various companies like NBC, Coca-Cola, and many more brands. By working on this platform you can easily get the $30 – $100 per hour. This company mainly completed the 250000 genuine voiceover projects.

To open your account here, you have to fill in all the necessary details with a good voice note. The standard account is free of cost but it will be better to go with the platinum or premium membership. By doing this, you will automatically get placed at the top of the search list.


It is the platform that not only provides the voiceover but also provides professional videos. Now, they are looking for more voiceovers artists. They need a good voice quality while making the video for their customers.

They have massive big clients like Google, Deloitte, Asus, and more. So here you will have a better chance to get vast exposure. This platform provides a good platform to freelancer voiceover artists across the world who have good knowledge of the great diction and voice modulation practice.

Voice Crafters

It is a multinational voice-over agency that was founded in the year 2008. It is a marketplace of voiceover and this platform represents talent in over 80 languages. They only work with these people/professionals who have been at least 5 years of commercial experience as voice actors.

They mainly provide Voice Overs for various kinds of the applications like explainers, commercials, promotional videos, corporate videos, IVRs, and more.

To join the Voice crafters, the platform doesn’t charge any fees but they demand some requirements very strictly like talent, commercial experience, and broadcast-quality studio. From this platform, you can earn from $85 to $3000 it all depends upon the voice-over. At this now, the platform will accept all the talent except the US English talent.


As you all know, Fiverr is now become one of the best platforms for job seekers who worked as a freelancer. This platform has various projects from the carton voiceover to the background guide for the new games. Here you will find all kinds of projects starting from small-scale companies to the industry.

Only you have to open your account on Fiverr which is free and have to make the gig of the voiceover services. In the starting, you have to set up $5 for the big and in the upcoming time, you can increase it.

 Mandy Voices

Mandy voices now become the platform of the 2.5 million active members. Mandy voices are a great platform to find out the legit voice-overs project which pays well. This platform also collaborated with various film studios and production houses.  From this platform, the artists earn $25 for every short project and $50 for every long project. To succeed on this platform, you must be extraordinarily talented and super-efficient.

To work on this platform, you have to fill out a simple form. Once you will apply for any of the projects and the job opening then you have to give the small audition for the final selection. This platform also offers you to open a free website to get them more exposure.

Note: Read out it carefully and start your career.


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