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What Are Amazon Work At Home Jobs?

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As we all know, Amazon is one of the top largest sellers of e-commerce. But are you also know that Amazon holds a huge reach of tech devices, videos, groceries, transportation, fashion, and more. With this expansion, amazon comes with a lot of the work of the home jobs and money-making opportunities.

If you are interested to earn money with the help of Amazon and want to build your empire then here are some ways by which you can make the earnings from Amazon.


Amazon Work-at-Home Jobs

Amazon Trade-In Program

This allows you to trade into the various videogames and electronics things for the Amazon Gift Cards. Amazon provides various lists of the items which allow you to trade in. Only you have to browse the items, answer the questions and you will immediately receive a quote about the price they will provide you for the item. If you will agreed to all the terms and conditions then you will get the shipping label of the print and then send the item to them. Once your trade will get processed then you will get the trade-in value into the account under the balance of the gift card.

Amazon Grocery Shopper Jobs

Amazon now offers various job opportunities in the store grocer. Under this, you will not become an independent contractor. Only you will become the employee. These positions hold flexible working schedules, casual dress a code, and anytime payment. The average pay is $15 every hour for a shopper.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex mainly pays the drivers for making the delivery of the Amazon Packages by making the use of their own vehicles. This job is not an online job but yes this job has flexible scheduling as you can work here as per your schedule. Here, the drivers can choose their own working hours. They have to pick up the packages from the local centers of the Amazon and have to deliver them to the address. The Amazon Flex makes the records of everything like information about the package, deliveries done, and more. Here, the drivers can easily earn $18 – $25 on an hourly basis and they mainly do the payments every Tuesday and Friday the direct way. To work here as a driver, your age must be 21 years or above than this.

Sell Private Label Items on Amazon

You can earn a great income by selling your own private label times through the FBA program on Amazon. The seller mainly searches for the products which are unlabeled and get at a cheap price by a wholesale supplier and then sells them at a higher price by the put the private label on them. But these things mainly required market research, adding the own logo, finding the right supplier, and package branding. Once after the completion of the initial startup cost, you can get a high return from the private label products. The Profits should vary for every product.

Merch by Amazon

It is the best method to sell the designs made by you on various things like coffee mugs, T-Shirts, and tote bags. With the help of this program, you can easily upload your designs, fixed your own price, and then make the Amazon prints on it and ship your item or products. To join this, there is no cost. You can freely join here.

Amazon Handmade

You can go for the Amazon Handmade if you are looking for the Etsy Alternative. Once you get approved on the Amazon Handmade after submitting your applications then Amazon will waive you the $39.00 every month. After the approval, you can enlist your products and then promote them online. Once you make the sale Amazon will deduct 15% of the sale as the fees.

Amazon FBA

The Amazon FBA will provide a simple way for many of the sellers to sell the items on Amazon. Amazon makes use of its speedy shippers to deliver the times. With the help of this program, you can easily create your account, make the product list, and then shipped it to the Amazon Fulfillment center. Amazon mainly charges based on the size of the shipment and they have different programs and fees for every shipment.


It is a totally Amazon-owned property. It is a place where all the publishers and authors cames to connect the engineers, voice actors, and the recording studio to make the audiobooks. To start reporting the audiobook, you have to create your ACX profile and have to upload all your samples, search for the books and pick the rates you like to narrate. The parties who are interested in your profile send you the offer and after the approval, you can start the recording.  After the completion of the project, you can get paid for the production work.

Kindle Direct Publishing

It mainly offers the authors the option to publish the books directly to the kindle. With the help of the Kindle Direct Publishing, the authors/writers can easily create their book by making the use of their own cover and manuscripts. The content will be directly uploaded to the KDP. The authors set their own process and retain all the control rights along with them. After completing the description and setting up the KDP book, the writers expect their books to appear in the store of the Kindle within one day or two days. Here, the authors can easily earn 70% of the royalties on the sales.

Amazon Influencer Program

If you have a good fan following on the various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Tiktok can you can easily apply to the Amazon Influencer Program. With the help of this program, you can easily get the page customized on the Amazon and a URL to show your favorite Amazon item. It is like an extension of Amazon’s Affiliate Program, so you can easily earn up to 10% of the commission on the sold items by your account.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

If you looking to earn well then you can try to complete some of the short tasks available on Amazon’s MTurk. Amazon MTurk is a marketplace where the businessman can easily make connections with the various online workers to complete the small tasks. Here are tasks that are totally simple like differentiating the two images or categories of the items. The earnings made by completing the fewer tasks will directly go into the Amazon payment accounts.



Amazon has various opportunities for making earnings from home. If you are looking to make some income by doing the part-time work, or to make a full-time business then we are advised to consider any of the above-given options to make the earnings from home by the Amazon.


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