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Top 12 Jobs That You Can Try While Staying at Home

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After the pandemic, every business has to vacate has their offices. Everybody was pushed to work from home. But it was observed that since the first lockdown telecommunication is the only industry where millions of persons still engage to work. Also according to the data of 2020, it was concluded that most of the individuals who lived remotely started their work from home in some of the famous workplaces like Up work, Fiver, Freelancer, etc. In today’s time out of every 10 people, 6 are doing freelancing jobs because you have greater opportunities under freelancing jobs.

This work-from-home strategy is best for both the employer and the worker. According to the study of Global Workplace Analytics, there are many benefits to firms like it save time and money for the workers, the productivity of the work is increased. Not only does it benefit the firms it gives benefits to the employers also like they need to go out in search of work, but stress also gets reduced. This coronavirus gives shape to various businesses. They adopt new strategies to handle the work.

So, in this article, you will get to know about the TOP 12 Work From Jobs along with their job profiles.

Data Entry Jobs

These days it is a very popular job because every organization needs a person who can manage their data. Data entry jobs are popularly known as Data Entry operators.

The main work of the Data Entry Operator is to maintain digital records from the physical records. These records can be patient lists, student fee records, maintaining bills, etc.

The average salary which is offered to the Data entry operator is approx. $15 per hour. It varies from person to person some may charge $22 per hour because they are highly experienced in their job and how many hours you can devote for data entry.

Online Typing Jobs

As we all know after the pandemic we all are very much familiar with smartphones and computers. The main reason behind the development of our typing skills is not just because of the translators, etc. it is just because every work gets online.

You are eligible for this job only if you have a Desktop or Laptop, a 10 finger typing speed, good connectivity, good communication skills, etc. Some of the high-profile jobs which require typing skills are court reporter, journalist, chat agents, etc.

You will receive a salary of more than $2000 per month and it may vary according to your working experience.

Loan Officer

This is a very much popular job these days. Because as after the pandemic everybody is finding the more opportunities in the start-ups. So, First of all, this requires an investment amount initially which they get in the form of a loan. This causes every loan provider firm to need an expert loan officer which has good knowledge about finance and can evaluate the loan application and can approve or deny the loan.

Basically, you have to act like a liaison between the firm and applicants. This way a loan officer can make $49,700 per year and have to devote 40 hours per week.

Form Filling Job

Form filling jobs are those jobs in which you will get paid as per the number of forms you will fill out for the companies. Basically, some of these industries are insurance, banks, etc.

You will be hired by the companies because they don’t have much time to do this monotonous work. But they required the data of the individuals for other purposes.

You will get paid around as lower as $2 and $10 as high on filling a form.

Excel Jobs

As we all know that Microsoft Excel is the best tool to handle numeric data in a very simple way.

And there are various freelancing jobs that are available online that require an excel-like calculation of the financial data, calculation of statistical data maintaining sales records, etc.

If you are an expert in excel then why are you wasting your talent by sitting lonely in your homes? Go and explore work that requires an excel tool and get paid an average salary of $4000 per month as high as you will get paid up to $7000 per month.

SMS Sending Jobs

This is a kind of that job which anyone can do who knows how to operate mobile. This job doesn’t require any laptop or desktop etc.

You will be provided a mobile app login to the account which is provided by the company from which you have to send the advertising content to the numbers which are added to the account.

This is a kind of job which you can do from anywhere but the condition is that you have much knowledge of the mobile phone. You will be surprised to know that you will earn more than $0.25 on the successful delivery of the message.

Translator Jobs

This job requires an individual who can translate one’s idea to another in a very meaningful way from one language to other.

Jobs of translating the content are getting more popular these days. You just need to convert the written material from one language to another in a very simple and meaningful way without changing the original meaning of the content.

As this is a very popular job profile you will get paid as low as $30,000 per year and as high as $70,000 per year.

Social Media Manager Jobs

As you observed that the role of social media is getting popular these days. People make money through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. just by doing online marketing of the products of the company, delivering good quality content, managing the content, projects, and campaigns, etc.

Don’t waste your knowledge and experience if you have deep knowledge of the tools of social media. Then go and find the work on the various works from websites.

If you know how to deal with the tools of social media then you will easily get high-paying jobs up to $70,000 per year.

Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Clerk Jobs

This job requires some level of experience and special requirements. Because only on this basis you will get work by the companies.

  • You must be a graduate of the field of commerce.
  • Good communication skills
  • Deep knowledge of accounting tools like Tally
  • Time management skills

You will get a handsome pay scale up to $40,000 per year as per the data of 2020 and can be increased according to your work.


This job requires good typing speed and a good understanding of various languages. Under this job, you have to translate the recorded audio into a written form but in a meaningful format.

This job requires a deep understanding of the different languages and a 10 finger typing speed.

You will be surprised to know that a medium transcribe gets paid up to $15 per hour and an advanced transcribe gets paid up to $30 per hour.

I hope we have covered all the details about the top 10 work from jobs. You may also visit our other articles given below.

Web Developer

The kind of work that a web developer does is to design and maintain the websites and the software. As you all know digital marketing is gaining popularity these days and the jobs of web developer and software developer is increasing day by day.

So if you have learned coding which is used in programming languages and tools like Visual Studio that are required to develop the software and websites so don’t sit without work just go and explore the online working sites and start doing work.

As you are not familiar that an average web developer can earn up to $15 per hour and an experienced web developer can earn up to $1, 12,000 per year.


These days the role of animation in the film-making industry is increasing day by day. Because animated films seem to be more interesting as compared to other films.

Work of the animator:-

  • Creation of storyboard
  • Making 2D/3D movies
  • Designing backgrounds sets for the movies, etc.

The average salary of the animator is $60,000 per year.

Job ProfileAverage SalaryDaily/Weekly Work Monthly Salary
Data Entry Job$15 per hour8 hours a day$3000 Per Month
Online Typing Job$60 per hour35 hours a week$2000 Per Month
Loan Officer Job$44 per hour40 hours a week$50,000 Per Month
Form Filling Job$2 per-form2-3 hours a day$160 Per Month
Excel Jobs$250 a day7-8 hours a day$7000 Per Month
SMS Sending Job$0.25 per SMS1-2 hours a day$100 Per Month
Translator Job$20 per hour40 hours a week$4,000 Per Month
Social Media Manager$51 per hour40 hours a week$6,000 Per Month
Bookkeeping, Accounting & Clerk Job$25 per hour37-40 hours a week$45,00 Per Month
Transcribe Job$15 per hour4 hours per audio$1,500 Per Month
Web Developer$15 per hour40 hours a week$8,000 Per Month
Animator Job$40 per hour40 hours a week$7,000 Per Month

I hope we have covered all the details about the top 10 work from jobs. You may also visit our other articles given below.


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