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The 11 Best Jobs For 14 Year Old

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Online earning opportunities abound, and several of them aren’t really accessible to kids. There are some legitimate internet jobs for children between the age of 13 and 17, but you still need to stay vigilant.

We’ll discuss effective strategies for teenagers to generate money in this post. We’ll also examine why teenagers would benefit from these changes.

Check read our guide on the greatest online jobs for young adults unless you’re under the age of 18.

Working as a teen may provide financial security while also advancing your freedom and experience. You’ll probably gain important professional skills in your initial employment that will help you lay the groundwork for your future career. 14 and 15-year-olds can find employment in a number of fields.

We’ve included a list of adolescent jobs in this post along with some useful career advice so you may choose the profession that most closely matches your interests.

1. Perform artistic tasks on Fiverr

On the well-known freelancing website Fiverr, you may earn money by providing a variety of tasks (see a few examples below). There is a number of various job categories, but the majority of opportunities are just for digital plus creative services including motion graphics, web design, writing, and voiceovers. It’s a great chance for adolescents because the enrollment age is 13 or older.

Bank transfers are one of the many payment options available to freelancers. As a freelancer on Fiverr, your customers or clients pay Fiverr, however, after a 14-day specified term, you may take the money you’ve made.

There is no limit to the services you may give on Fiverr, therefore it truly depends on what you want to accomplish.

The national average pay for baristas is $13.97 per hour.

2. Barista

Baristas are typically employed by shops to make delicious beverages other than coffee and tea, answer questions and assist customers in selecting food items, use cash receipts or another point-of-sale device, and assist in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment around the work area, equipment, and customer areas.

3. Babysitter

Where to look: Speak with specific families, make posters, and post them on social media.
Employers who take on 14-year-olds include

$10 โ€“ $15 per hour on average.

Children’s entertainment and protection, meal preparation, child care, establishing nighttime rituals, and schoolwork assistance are typical duties.

You’ll get knowledge of childcare, kid development, tutoring, safety, and emergency procedures (CPR, Heimlich maneuver).

4. Cashier

$12.52 is the average hourly wage in the country.
The primary responsibilities of cashiers are to accept payments made by cash, credit card, or check, issue receipts/refunds

6. Country clubs and golf courses

Speak with the golf course’s management in your neighborhood to start your quest.
Employers who take on 14-year-olds:

Every country club and golf course has a different policy.

Around $100 every loop (18 holes), extra gratuities, is the typical rate. This equates to at least $20 – $30 per hour.

Carrying duffle bags, cleaning game balls, calculating yardages, working throughout the pro shop, and cleaning golf carts are all examples of types of employment.

You’ll gain knowledge in physical work, money management, and customer service.
One of the really profitable occupations a 14-year-old may have is as a golf caddie. Watch a few Clips on youtube on golf, how it’s scored, and other related topics to increase your chances of landing a job, especially if you’re not a golfer., count money, and maintain the balance of the cash drawer during their shifts.

7. Create content for Snapchat and TikTok

Putting your attention on services like TikTok & Snapchat is another entertaining choice for teenagers looking to generate money. Each platform requires users to be 13 years old in order to register an account.

These two well-known applications let you monetize your engaging video output. There are certain methods to profit directly through TikTok & Snapchat, and there are other ways to profit through your influence and following.

You probably already use social media and your smartphone to record videos, so why not monetize these activities?

8. Redbubble Custom Merchandise for Sale

A global photocopy marketplace is called Redbubble. Because you’re at least 16 years old, you may register for an account and post your own creations. Visitors to Redbubble may then buy a variety of goods featuring your designs or artwork.

The fact that Redbubble is a fantastic passive income business is what makes it so intriguing. You only need to upload your work and make alluring product descriptions since they take care of the intricacies involved with receiving orders, printing the items, and sending them to clients.

For a teenager who appreciates art and design, retailing on Redbubble can also be the perfect online employment. If so, you’ll probably take pleasure in spending the time necessary to create it.

9. Marinas

Marinas Online employment boards and specific marinas are good places to start your search.

$10 to $15 an hour on average, plus tips.

Work assignments include refueling, cleaning, and preparing rental boats for use.

You’ll get knowledge on how to tie knots and how to provide good customer service.

Ask if you may work as a dockhand somewhere at the neighborhood marina if you like boating and being around water. Some of these positions call for a boat license, while others only call for a powerful back and indeed the ability to keep the boats immaculate.

10. Sell Lessons on Teachable About Your Hobbies

Teachable is an online course marketplace. You can utilize Teachable if you’re 13 to 17 years old with your parental or legal guardian’s approval.

Design your original course as well as a lesson (youtube clip or text) on almost any subject of your choice with Teachable. They handle consumer payments before paying you your earnings, less a few modest costs.

Teachable allows you to set the price of your course at just 99 cents, so you do not need to develop a comprehensive, high-end course. You may design a cheap course that teaches a very specialized subject.

The secret to succeeding in an undergraduate school is to consider what you truly know well.

11. Newspaper Delivery

Newspaper delivery: “paper boys” would bring the neighborhood newspaper to customers either foot or by bicycle in the decades past. They would frequently do this before school or, if the paper was published in the afternoon, just after school. Nowadays, few of these positions remain due to the move toward online news consumption, and those that do are mostly held by adults with automobiles.


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