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11 WFH Jobs That Pay Up To $100000+ Per Year

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Are you bored with the 9 to 5 job schedule? Or you are a homemaker or a mother, and you want financial independence and also don’t want to go to a job daily. You land at the correct place. In this article, you will get many ways to make big chunks by sitting at home.

You can take care of your kids and family and can make income independently by sitting at home. And the interesting question is whether you need to have a particular skill. The answer is simple, no, you don’t need to have special skills. You can learn desired skills in a minimum time and with less effort.


Can you think of making $100K from work from home jobs? Yes, you can do that. Read the best Work From Home job roles defined below and choose the best suits you as per your interest because you must love what you do.

Everyone should try their best to make their lives productive and live life happily. Work home jobs require to have laptop or desktop with a good internet connection. There is no requirement for special education for most work-from-home jobs.

So, why wait for more for your financial freedom and key to happiness. Go through the below details and find your way to success.

11 WFH Jobs That Pay Up To $100000+ Per Year

1. Proofreader

If your English is good, it means you have expertise in English Grammar, which is punctuation, syntax, spelling, indentation, and paragraphing. Then Proofreading is the best job for you.

Proofreading involves finding errors by reading documents, articles, blogs, and books and ensuring error-free documents. You can earn from $40 to $45 an hour.

2. Bookkeeper

Anyone can easily handle the bookkeeping work from home. The bookkeepers sort the documents with numbers and figures and prepare spreadsheets. You have to pay attention to the details of the documents.

You can say bookkeeping is a part of accounting, but you need not have accounting specific degree. You might need to make day-to-day expenses spreadsheets like for income and expenditure of a firm in a day.

It is an easily work-from-home job that can pay up to $80 per Hour.

3. Virtual Assistant

For understanding Virtual Assistant work, you can think of Office Assistant work. Virtual Assistants do the same management work, but from home that is online via the internet.

You can see yourself composing emails, replying to clients, social media, and doing day-to-day data entry work. You can work as a Virtual Assistant for any client sitting anywhere around the globe.

4. Blogger

If you have a passion for writing and love to express your thoughts about any topic, blogging is a very good option for making side hustle. Infect bogging will give you passive income, and you can make writing articles and blogs a full-time work-from-home job.

In this field, you might not get money quickly, but steadily, your old blogs, when getting recognization, may give you a tremendous payout. You may earn $100k in a month.

5. Freelancer

Freelancing means selling your skills to other people and earning money for doing the job. Your skills may vary from Web Designing to data entry. You can set your own hourly rate and can attract potential clients by putting the eye-catching proposals.

Here, you should identify your skill domain and create your profile on famous platforms like Fiverr. There are more than 100 skills to choose from on freelancing websites. Select the skill in which you can give your 100%.

6. Buy And Sell Flipper

Buy and Sell is not a new business. In fact, every business buys and sells the product for profits. You can choose products that you can sell and earn a margin as profit. Buy furniture, clothes, decors pieces, and flip them for huge profits.

This is a work-from-home job. You can choose a market for buying and can sell those items on eBay or Amazon also. People are making huge profits from this business and are living lavishing life.

7. Graphic Designer

Do you have an interest in Graphic design or web designing? You may need to learn a few software for that, like photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. In the market, there are many short-term courses available for Graphic Designers.

Graphic Designer is a demanding and high payout field. You will get work for advertisement designing as social media advertising is on the boom, designing book covers, product covers like bottles, packing food covers, logos, and many more.

8. Transcriptionist 

Transcribers are the people who listen to recording files and convert them to written documents. It is a type of typing job with the twist of type of input files because you have to listen to the input files.

Many companies want to convert recorded meetings into written documents, audio lectures into written files, etc. You can get Transcription work from freelancing websites like Upwork and or from companies/ clients posting jobs on websites like indeed.

9. Amazon Seller

You can also become an Amazon Seller. It will work like this. You can contact your nearby shopkeepers and purchase products in bulk. List your products on Amazon and earn a margin as profit.

Millions of people are buying on Amazon daily, all over the world. Amazon is a trusted brand, is this job interests you, start doing it.

10. Typing

Typing is straightforward work, including typing one format of the document into another format. For Example, you will get images, pdf files as input and require to convert them into text documents.

Typing jobs will give you payment on an hourly basis or on a document basis. For completion of one document, you will get $5. It also includes typing old books into word files. You should master the skill of error-free typing with no spelling mistakes.

11. Data Entry

In Data Entry work, for example, you have to enter data from one file to another file. One example of a Data Entry job is a form filling job. In this, you will get raw data like for staff members of a company, and you have to put that data into the company’s specific software.

The company will give payment for entering values into one form, like $3 to $5 for one form. How fast you do the data entry work, you can earn more money with speed and accuracy.

S NoJob RolePayment Rate
1Proofreader$40- $45 Per Hour
2Bookkeeper$60- $80 Per Hour
3Virtual Assistant$22- $25 Per Hour
4BloggerUp to $10,000 in a month
5Freelancer$10- $30 Per Hour
6Buy And Sell Flipper$5- $40 Per Product
7Graphic Designer$10- $25 Per Hour
8Transcriptionist$12- $15 Per Hour
9Amazon Seller$10- $25 Perhourduct
10Typing$17- $22 Per Hour
11Data Entry$16- $18 Per Hour

Where To Find The Work

In past years, work-from-home jobs have become a craze among people. Many people left their 9 to 5 jobs and started doing work as freelancers, bookkeepers, and many more. Many platforms are there where you can create your profile (simple sign-up process) and start searching for jobs as per your interest.

You might listen to Upwork,, and Fiverr platforms. These platforms have changed many people’s lives. You can choose one of them. You can easily convert your free time into earning money. Make your account and get hired by top clients.

If you have any doubts or queries, you can explore more about work-from-home jobs and their security and payment methods on google. The platforms mentioned above are safe to work on. You can drop a message to us, and we are here to help you. All the best, guys, and start your dream work-from-home job.


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