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Best Jobs For Pregnant Women

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When it comes to the jobs for pregnant women, every job is good! If you are pregnant you should be able to work anywhere or for any role but with very limited expectations. The term is completely understandable at that time when you say you are looking for work that doesn’t demand more moving.

So many job options are available for pregnant ladies to meet their needs. You can work as a permanent employee or temporary employee. Here is some top jobs option for pregnant women which are flexible.


Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

Virtual Assistant: It is one of the top jobs for pregnant women. Virtual assistants have an important role in the organization. If you have skills like office, interpersonal and computer-based skills then you are perfect for this job. It provides administrative services to the clients like entrepreneurs or small businessmen.

It means that your role in this job is varied. You have to provide administrative support like management of the email, maintaining the data entry, managing the email accounts, making the travel arrangements, responding to the customer queries, updating the customer’s websites, and have to manage their social media profile.

While working on this post, you have so many advantages. Like you can work here as per your needs and you also fixed your working hours yourself. So, it is the best part-time job for all pregnant ladies.

Online Tutor: There are several subjects from the typical subjects to home management and personal styling which people want to learn. If you have some special skill of teaching or you’re are well into any subject during your school time then you can take advantage of it. You can work as an Online tutor.

In today’s time, there is a huge demand for online tutors. You can easily find out the online tutors job. Or the best thing about this job is that you did need any specialized training to perform this job.

Blogger: It is one of the best works for pregnant ladies. Blogging is a very profitable endeavor. One can either write for an established company or make their blogs. It is a good way to earn the money. Even many bloggers can the six-figure earning on the monthly

Once you get passionate about the work, you can get the many methods to earn from the blog.  You can also earn by affiliate marketing, by writing sponsored posts, and by displaying the ads on the website.

Data Entry: As its name clarifies, under this job, the data entry operators fill the information under the databases with the help of computers. This job also involves transcribing the information from the mobile conservation or the audios.

Some of the data entry posts, demand graduation, and many of the posts only demand the High school diploma and the GED.

Surely,  you get paid here for the typing and typing doesn’t demand a huge amount of thoughts. This could be the perfect job for you as you can do the work here in your free time.

Pinterest Manager: You might hear this word for the first time, but it’s not an issue. You are not the only one. There are many people who have it for the first time.

The Pinterest Manager mainly helps the organization/business to meet its goals. It means you have to help the online businessman to get them more traffic and more sales by use of Pinterest. Peoples who love designing, experimenting, and strategizing are perfect for this platform.

This job mainly demands depth knowledge of the Pinterest platform, SEO marketing skills, content creation skills.

Transcriptionist: It is one of the top best works for all pregnant ladies. Under this, you have to translate the audio recordings into written text. As it involves the listening work so you must have a quiet place to do this work comfortably. There is a constant demand for transcribers by every organization as they need someone to maintain the data.

BookKeeper: They are mainly known as the Bookkeeping clerk and they handle all the accounts of the organization which are known as the ledger. The bookkeeper maintains all the transactions of the debit and credit. They are also responsible for all the financial statements.

The companies have a large amount of data and records so they hire Bookkeepers the maintain their records. It is the best work for all pregnant ladies who have a finance background. You are also doing this work as a freelancer after delivering the baby. You can accept the proposal as per choice and it’s the perfect way to earn for a new mom.

Proofreader: If you have strong grammar and you are looking for work from home then you can work as a proofreader. As a proofreader,, you have to fix the errors in the documents. You can work as a proofreader in various roles. Like you can become the proofreader of journal articles, CVs, blog posts, chapters, and more.

Scopist: Scopist has a similar role to proofreaders and editors. They are responsible for editing the transcripts which are mainly created by the reporters of the court. The scopists compare all the court’s reports with the completed transcripts. They mainly check out the errors and helps the reports in maintaining accurate records.

It is the best way to earn the money if you have more specialized skills than proofreading.

Freelance Writer: Freelancer writer earns a lot by writing articles, advertising copy, business material content, books, or more. To become a freelance writer you don’t need any prior experience which is such a great part of this work. It is great to work for all pregnant ladies. You only have a computer to earn the money. To get a job offer of a freelance writer, take a look at Upwork as here you can get plenty of jobs option.

Self – Published author: If you are pregnant and looking for work near you, then why should you not go for your book? You can have your book on your personal life or you can use any fictional character and write about it. You can publish your work with the help of the publishing house.

Freelance Model: There is a demand for the pregnant freelance model for the maternity shoot. If you are experienced in this line then it is such a great thing. But if you are new to this line then there is no need to worry. All you need is confidence in your skin. Many companies hired you to display their pregnancy products on the stages of the pregnancy. Of course, it is a temporary job and it is not a long-term gig But the income is decent here.

Baker: Not all bakers are working under the commercial bakery. Many of them work under their kitchens and earn a quite good income by selling at the local markets. Working as a home-based baker is the best job for pregnant moms. Working at your home is such an easy task as compared to commercial bakeries. Under commercial bakeries, you might have the workload but by doing it from home you can control the work intensity.

App Tester: App testers are required by every organization/company to get a positive user experience. The app testers mainly test the app’s usability and functionality of the app and ensure that there are no more glitches in the app. You can work here on a part-time basis which might be good for all the pregnant ladies. It doesn’t demand physical work perhaps You can easily work from your home.

Voiceover artist: Persons having good acting skills and a good voice can easily grab the voiceover jobs. It is such a great job for beginners from the home. To get successful in this field, you should be very patient, hard work, and determined. The voiceover artist can also call the voice actor as they use their voice to narrate the texts, market products or entertain the audience. Their voice is mainly featured under the audiobooks, video games, audiobooks, animation. But working as a voiceover artist for the first time is not an easy task.

Can Companies hire during pregnancy?

Companies can be forbid by the law to provide employment to pregnant ladies. There are no legal requirements to disclose the pregnancy for the work. But it doesn’t mean that doing a job while pregnant is an easier task. It comes up with a lot of challenges. As there is no social stigma against pregnant ladies in the work area.

So don’t get nervous or surprised if you are welcomed with raised eyebrows. It doesn’t matter If you are a skilled and efficient employer, everyone sees your belly and denies you the offer. This is an illegal and frustrating thing that women have to face badly. There is always legal action that pregnant women take if they are discriminated against due to the pregnancy. Taking the action on this might be costly and not everyone thinks to involve in this kind of case.

Can 6 months pregnant woman get a job?

Yes, one can get hired during the six months of pregnancy. Legally,  there is no need to tell an employer during the interview that you are pregnant. But the things are not the same in the pregnant life as compared to the normal life. But yes, pregnant women can do the job during the pregnancy.

Should pregnant women start a new job?

Yes, It is possible for pregnant ladies to start a new job. But you have to make sure that all the needs required are being met. Starting a new job while pregnant is not easy. So, it might be your choice that you could handle the weight of the new job or stick with the existing job. If you want a new job then it’s totally fine to start a new job. But try to maintain the balance between your own need and new job needs. As you can see from the above list, there are so many jobs for pregnant ladies.

Final Thoughts: Work during the pregnancy a not a difficult task, but yes you don’t have to take the burden which affects the health of the baby and also yours. As we discussed some top jobs which you can easily do during pregnancy. Choose the one and go for it.


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