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Interesting Ways You Can Make Money Driving


If you’re one of the people, you probably appreciate having a car a lot and wouldn’t understand what to do without one. The ability to just get up and go wherever you want at any time is unfortunately not something for which you are not paying. The cost of owning a car is really high. They’re also an asset, as you’re aware, whose market worth starts to decline the moment you purchase it.

Because of this, a lot of people are discovering new ways to use their cars as a means of income nowadays. Despite the fact that they are assets that lose value over time, if you grasp how to use them, they still have tremendous earning potential.


1. Deliver food

You might consider driving for DoorDash if you don’t mind delivering meals.

If you don’t mind hustling food about, take these two into consideration when you don’t want to deliver people or risk having to travel very far. You may transport food for DoorDash and uber eats by scooter or even bicycle, which is a great option for people who don’t always have a car.

There are many changes on the platform, and DoorDash is one of the delivery services that is expanding the fastest that I have seen in a while. Read our evaluation of DoorDash to find out if it’s worthwhile. Then, if you decide to do it, we even have a tutorial on how to increase your DoorDasher revenue.

2. Transport Equipment Belonging to Others

You can make good money by serving as a one-person moving firm for folks who don’t have automobiles with as much room if you have a minivan, truck, or large SUV. Even better, none of the hard liftings needs to be done by you. Instead, all you need to do is turn up, let folks pack their belongings into your car, and then drive them where they need to go.

3. Promote With Your Car

You may make several hundred bucks a month as a mobile billboard if you drive a lot. When you sign up with a business like or, they will try to connect you with an organization that wants to advertise along your usual route of travel. Include any unusual driving circumstances, such as the length of your daily trip, in your application so prospective sponsors are aware of them.

Not all advertising options require a full car wrap; occasionally, all you need is a rear window decal that you can put on your own vehicle. Rear window decals can still bring in $50 or more, but full wraps can sometimes bring in $400 per month.

4. Driving others around

Driving in your spare time is one of the most well-liked ways to earn money with a car right now. Although Uber and Lyft are now the most well-known ride-sharing services, there are many other options available as well.

The setup is very similar to how a regular taxi service would operate. Through ridesharing apps, people may request rides. Then you receive a notification that someone in your neighborhood (within the boundaries you specify) needs a ride somewhere. You pick them up and drive them where they need to go. I’m done now.

5. Transport Amazon packages

You can deliver packages through AmazonFlex, a flexible employment program. If you have ever received a package from Amazon with the carrier “Carrier: AMZL US,” it is an Amazon Flex driver. If you reside in one of the functioning cities, you might make $18–$25 per hour, have complete control over your workday, and be your own boss.

The actual labor itself is simple. With the help of their Android app, you may receive and deliver packages. Scan the package’s barcode after delivery to go on to the next address.

6. Lease your car to other people when not in use

This decision obviously carries some risk, but there are an increasing number of services devoted to enabling you to effectively rent out your vehicle while you’re not using it yourself. The concept is that you can rent a car from a fleet of individual vehicles rather than a traditional car rental company.

7. Work as an Uber or Lyft driver

One of the most evident and well-liked ways to increase your income is to join the fleet of drivers connected to app-based taxi services. Uber and Lyft are two of the biggest businesses, and both are accessible in a few international places.

The requirements vary significantly depending on where you are and whatever app you decide to use. Some states mandate that vehicles be no older than a specific age. To learn more, you’ll need to log in with your preferred ride-hailing app.

8. Help others move furniture or carry heavy objects.

You might be able to get paid as a casual mover, depending on the size of your vehicle. Obviously, the best vehicles for these uses are cargo vans and pickup trucks.

You can set your own fees by publishing an ad on a local job board (like Craigslist) or another city-specific forum. Of course, if something goes wrong, you’ll be held completely responsible. A different choice is to work with an app like TaskRabbit that guarantees your courier tasks. The use of one’s own vehicle often entitles Taskers to a higher fee even if not all prospective jobs necessitate it.

Additionally, even though it may seem obvious, if you choose this course of action, be sure you are comfortable with (and physically able to) lifting heavy goods.

9. Use Your Car as an Advantage When Applying for Jobs

There are numerous occupations that don’t require applicants and instead favor those with trustworthy vehicles. Several models are:

  • The driver of a particular café’s conveyance
  • Having to do with a movie, a music concert, or some other event where you can ship equipment
  • A social worker who visits clients’ residences
  • Specialists in child development or language (who visit customers’ homes)
  • Event photography, catering, designing, or working in a wedding or party environment
  • Styling, cleaning, and other assistance jobs that need you to visit clients’ homes rather than having them come to an office or retail location

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